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Leonard Drake Skin Care Health Spa At Nex Serangoon

Can you recognise this building? 

If you had said "Yes, It is Nex", you are 100% correct! (Nex offers a dazzling mix of retail, entertainment, lifestyle and food & beverage with over 360 premium tenants and brands. For more info about Nex, Click here.)

Although I live in Hougang, and Nex @ Serangoon Central is just 5 mins drive from my place,I only visited the shopping mall just last week...

And can you make a guess which was the first shop that I stepped into at Nex?

It was none other than the latest outlet of Leonard Drake!!! Leonard Drake is proud to unveil its latest outlet at Nex@Serangoon! This newest addition is nestled in the heart of a newly opened mega mall which promises to be the next big thing in heartland mall shopping experience.

About Leonard Drake:
Leonard Drake abides by a philosophy of promising “Optimum Skin Health with Maximum Results” and is affiliated to the International Dermal Institute in Los Angeles (the world’s leading postgraduate centre for skincare therapy). Treatment results are achieved by advanced techniques, using medical-grade skincare equipment and products from Dermalogica, the leading professional skincare system in the United States.

With 70% of its outlets situated outside the main city area, you wonder why Leonard Drake chooses such a strategy. The answer is simple: people want to be near their homes so that it is more convenient. Perhaps that is why heartland malls are getting popular and Leonard Drake understands just that.

It’s Heartlands Once More…

As mentioned, Leonard Drake was the very first outlet that I visited at Nex what does the lastest Leonard Drake has instore for its clients?....
Clean, spacious, clinical – all these are synonymous with Leonard Drake outlets, and the one at nex@Serangoon is no exception.

This cool outlet boasts a size of 2013 sq ft with:
  • 5 facial rooms,
  • 2 double facial rooms,
  • 2 body treatment rooms,
  • a private room for skincare/make-up training,
  • a Skin Bar retail area

- Double Facial Room (Now you can enjoy facial with your best friend/hubby/bf)

 - Individual Facial Room ( let one enjoy the treatment while without compromising on privacy)

-Individual lockers, dressing room and a vanity room - You can always find a cozy corner to doll up yourself after your treatment session, before hitting town.

- A Skinbar retail area ( Let one test and feel the products at your convenience, knowledgeable and friendly staffs are always there to assist you)

Given today’s hectic lifestyle, travelling time is extremely precious to clients, hence with the opening of the Serangoon Central branch, Leonard Drake is able to meet the demand of residents in the North-Eastern part of the island for its services and products. Residents at Serangoon, Bartley, Tai Seng, Kovan, Lorong Chuan, Woodleigh, Potong Pasir, Lorong Lew Lian, Eden Grove and Gambir Walk will find the proximity of the outlet at nex most convenient.

So how about Leonard Drake's treatment?

I was privileged to try out Leonard Drake's Ultra Sensitive Skin Treatment - Ok, I have to admit that all these years I know about Leonard Drake but I have never tried any of the facial treatment until last week. Leonard Drake 3 step skin analysis consists of: Detailed consultation, skin scanning, face mapping..

- This is the skin scanning machine in which one would able to see the probems of our skin through the different colors lights shown on the different parts of my skin. ( One first time trying out this though! and its pretty interesting to see all the problems of my skin through the colors reflected, problems which my own eyes are unable to see that clearly, some of which exist beneath our skin)

There is also a face mapping unique skin analysis which combines the latest advances in skin analysis techniques with the proven results of Chinese Diagnosis. The trained therapist uses face mapping to divide the face into fourteen distinct zones and provides an objective view of the skin’s condition and as well as an indication of any underlying health issues. Methodical analysis of the facial landscape enables the creation of specifically-designed treatments to address each client’s personal skin concerns. *Face Mapping is only available from authorised Dermalogica skin care centres.

* And through face mapping skin analysis, I came to know why my breakouts occurred around my mouth area and chin lately--> Because of hormonal changes ( Eee.. the effect of growing old!)

Leonard Drake's Ultra Sensitive Skin Treatment is one of their signature and award-winning facial treatment which aims to calm skin. The procedure was pretty much like a normal facial (hot steam, extraction) but it includes 2 masks, and 2 machines (one was a high frequency treatment for anti-septic properties and a cold massager to penetrate the serum as well as to soothe and reduce any redness.) The massage was also relaxing with the right amount of strength. (During the detailed consultation,I was even asked the strength of massage that I preferred, very thoughtful for them to know that different customers prefer different strength when it comes to massaging)

I enjoyed the whole facial treatment and woke up to more supple and refreshed skin.. and I was surprised to see that despite all the extractions, my skin was not red at all.. it must be the result of the cold massager, the masks and the products that they used on me.

I was also given some Dermalogica skincare samples to bring home to try.. ( Leonard Drake uses Dermalogica products in all their facial. Did I also mention that Leonard Drake also carries my favourite Averine Cover Spot Concealer? Yes, you can just pop by any Leonard Drake outlet to try out the color and texture of the products that they carry)

Any promotion at Leonard Drake?
When I was there, I saw this banner at the shopfront so took a picture to share with you all...

Wait... I have another good news to share, Leonard Drake will be holding a skincare workshop at Marriott Hotel ..and OCBC card members just need to pay a special price of $40 (instead of $50)..and these are what you can enjoy....

(Click on image to enlarge)

--> Did you see that the doorgift include a retail size Dermalogica UltraCalming Cleanser(250ml)? That alone cost $74.

Special Thanks to Leonard Drake Singapore and Hazel for inviting me to tour the latest outlet at Nex and letting me try out the award-winning facial treatment.

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