Saturday, January 15, 2011

I Made It to Cleo Top 10 Beauty Blogger Finalists - Please Support Me!

Can you spot me? ('',)... Please support my AskCleo Blog!

Yes I super super duper lucky this time to be selected as one of the 10 finalists for Cleo Top Blogger Contest.. Every month, we will be given some latest L'Oreal products to try out and review them on our AskCleo Blogs...Ya, the reveiws of the latest L'Oreal products must appeared on AskCleo blogs (since its a Cleo contest) so I have to create a beauty blog there.. but we were told we also can copy and paste the contents from our Cleo blog onto our own blog.

The bottom line, we can direct readers from our personal blogs to our Cleo Blogs, but we cannot direct readers from our Cleo Blogs to our personal blogs.. Meaning to say, this blog of mine will still be my main blog, I will not be neglecting it. Furthermore, its a bit difficullt troublesome to use Cleo Blog to blog [we do not have a side column to locate our previous entries/topics:(]   
Anyway, please support my Cleo Blog at

Haha.. did you realise my Cleo Blog link is impossible to remember by hard?  So do bookmark this link and visit as often as you wish ( hopefully everyday)  in the coming 14 this contest will end on 31 Jan 2011.


^When you see think badge around, you can just click onto to be directed to my Cleo Beauty Blog...

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