Friday, January 21, 2011

Clarins New White Plus HP Range - 3 New Products Launched!

Clarins Singapore has just launched 3 new additions to its whitening range - Clarins New White Plus HP,on 14 Jan 2011 at all its counters islandwide... and I got to experience the 3 new products (a day before they hit the shelves) at Institut Clarins with fellow beauty bloggers.

Now let us meet the 3 new members to Clarins New White Plus HP Range:

Clarins White Plus Gentle Renewing Brightening Peel - 
A gentle feel exfoliating lotion which contains very gentle fruit acids, obtained from tamarind fruit, eliminates impurities and dead cells and helps skin naturally exfoliate over the following days. White nettle and Mimosa tenuiflora extracts also help to soften and tighten skin. Simply apply lotion with a cotton pad before your toner. (Suitable for sensitive skin)

Clarins White Plus Gentle Brightening Exfoliator - This creamy texture exfoliator contains two types of microbeads to lift off dead cells, deep cleanse pores, encourage cell renewal and refine skin texture. It contains strawberry extract which encourages biological exfolication and completes the action of the microbeads to smooth skin surface. Grapefruit and raspberry extracts help to tighten pores and brighten complexion. Apply preferably on dry skin, avoiding eye contour area. Massage onto skin with gentle, circular motions and rinse with water.

Clarins White Plus Whitening Repair Night Cream -
The first night cream with both Sea Lily and Daisy extracts which controls hyperpigmentation due to daytime UV rays, and also stress accumulated from morning to night.

After the introduction of the new products, we got to experience Clarins Skintime 15/30 using the full range of Clarins White Plus HP Range. (Read my full reviews on Clarins Skintime 15/30 that I tried previously here)

Clarins will also like to invite you to try out Clarins Skintime and experience Clarins products with Clarins's knowledgeable beauty consultants.

Yes, book for your complimentary Clarins Skintime session now...

And the good news is Clarins New White Plus samples are available for your trial too ...

Simply visit any Clarins counter and receive a complimentary trial supply of White Plus HP Intensive Whitening Soothing serum (3ml) and Whitening Repairing Night Cream(5ml). What better way to experience the products than try them on your skin for a couple of days?

More pictures taken at the preview event..

The lovely props/displays.. (the fruits look so real, aren't they? ...cause they are REAL.. LOL!)

We had a mini game before the start of the presentation..

The full range of Clarins White Plus HP products...
The yummy cakes..

Our group photo..

We also got to bring home the 3 latest White Plus HP products, prizes, a bouquet of flowers and some palaroid shots all from Clarins..

A big thank you to Clarins Singapore, Jasmine and Joanna for letting me be part of this exciting preview of the White Plus HP new products launch. ('',) Thank you Sharon and the helpful beauty consultants/therapists for sharing with us more about the products and taking time to do Clarins 15/30 Skintime for us.

For more information on the full range of Clarins White Plus HP range, visit Clarins White Plus website now. Join Clarins Singapore Facebook Fanpage, and be updated with all the latest product launches and promotions.

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