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Review: AFC Chef's Diet Risotto

Remember the box of AFC Chef's Diet Risotto which I mentioned about 2 weeks ago.. I had tried all 5 flavours and I am back with my reviews...

Actually Risotto is a class of Italian dishes of rice cooked in broth to a creamy consistency.. and AFC Chef's Diet Risotto recipe is created by renowned chef of Italian restaurant in Japan..so if you are a risotto-lover or someone who love nice food, I am sure you will love these 5 delicious low-calorie replacement meals...

So which flavour did I choose to try first?


It is the SEAFOOD! ( As shown on the light blue circled-label)

First of all, let me show you how I heat up my AFC Chef's Diet Risotto sealed pouch....

Serving AFC Chef's Diet Risotto Seafood on a plate...

and look what I found in it..

The Full Ingredients List of AFC Chef's Diet Risotto Mediterranean Seafood:

Taste of AFC Chef's Diet Risotto Mediterranean Seafood:

The first thought that I have when I ate my first mouth of AFC Chef's Diet Risotto Seafood flavour, I was like " Wow! this is delicious man and it tastes like clam chowder!"  Definitely did not taste like traditional yucky strawberry/chocolate milk shake meal replacement packs which I had a couple of years back. In fact, it tasted like seafood thick porridge with real japanese clam and scallop to give the extra bites. The risotto is made from full grained white rice and low-calorie Konjac which gives another texture to the food, something that taste like pearly-sago that is so smooth and chewy. Konjac is made from Japanese Konnyaku potato - it has a similar texture to rice, but much lower in calories. The high fiber content keeps you full and helps ease bowel movement too! I'm sure you have eaten konjac in konnyaku jelly or Japanese dishes - how many things can be healthy AND good for you at the same time? 

On the 2nd day, I chose Tomato with Basil..

The Full Ingredients List of AFC Chef's Diet Risotto Tomato with Basil:

Taste of AFC Chef's Diet Risotto Tomato with Basil:

Tomato with Basil is something that I associated with pasta, the tomato sauce that goes with the pasta.. but I did not expect it to taste so different than the usual tomato sauce that is served with pasta.. infact it did not taste like one.. as it tasted much like a vegetable soup with tomato and a hint of basil.. Something like porridge cooked in Minestrone Soup, then there were also real carrots, mushrooms and chicken for me to chew.. The name of the flavour may not sound appetising, but this is really delicious!

Then the next flavour I had was... Curry Stew

The Full Ingredients list for AFC Chef's Diet Risotto Curry Stew:

Taste of AFC Chef's Diet Risotto Curry Stew:

This tasted EXACTLY like Japanese Curry - It is non spicy with rich flavorful Japanese curry aroma. I am not really a fan of Japanese Curry though. Carrots and chicken give the extra bites. I managed to finish the whole plate because it is still quite nice. If you are a Japanese curry-lover, I am sure you will love this flavour.

Next up, I had Cream of Mushroom..

- My mum bought some coriander leaves so I used alittle as garnish.

The Full Ingredients List for AFC Chef's Diet Risotto Cream of Mushroom:

Taste of AFC Chef's Diet Risotto Cream of Mushroom:

The light creamy sauce is flavourful with mushroomy aroma. There are 2 different types of mushrooms in the meal, one the canned mushroom and another should be the fresh mushroom. This is light yet flavourful, and I love this flavour.. ya I am a mushroom lover so how can I don't love cream of mushroom.

And last but not least . its Assorted Cheese

Oppss, I was too excited and forgot to take a picture of the pouch. ( It is the one with a dark orange circled-label)

Full Ingredients List for AFC Chef's Diet Risotto Assorted Cheese:

Taste of AFC Chef's Diet Risotto Assorted Cheese:

The name of the flavour states Assorted Cheese and it contained Parmesan, Cheddar, Gouda and Gorgonzola. I cannot differentiate the 4 types of cheese that was used in the making, but I definitely can taste cheese with a mixed of mushroom. Not to worry the proportion of cheese used is just nice..In fact, I find that it tasted like cream of mushroom but with added cheese. Sliced of canned mushrooms can also be found in my meal.

Overall, I really enjoyed eating AFC Chef's Diet Risotto..All the flavours are delicious and it is easy to prepare, just requires 2-5 minutes of time to reheat and a low calorie meal is ready to be served. Although it is not a super big portion, the 250g amount is sufficient to make me feel full (Thanks to the main ingredient - Konjac which is an excellent soluble fibre for sustained fullness and promotes bowel movement)

Having 5 different flavours in a box also allows consumers like myself to choose what to eat according to mood and preferences. The most important thing I like is they really taste nice and yummy like restaurant-standard meals especially Tomato with Basil, Mediterranean Seafood, Cream of Mushroom and Assorted Cheese. If you served a plate of AFC Chef's Diet Risotto to your friend, I bet he/she won't be able to tell that it is a meal replacement food, because it tastes really delicious with real ingredients. With these tasty pre-packed meals on hand everyday, shaving off a few kgs is so much easier, especially for people who want to lose weight but are too lazy to come up with a diet plan.

If you were to ask me to pick one favourite out of the 5, I think it is a tie between Tomato with Basil and Cream of Mushroom. I would not mind eating either one for 30 days consecutively.

A box of AFC Chef's Diet Risotto which consists of 5 different flavours cost $36.

For more product information, check out AFC Chef's Diet Risotto Webpage today. We can even buy this product online and have it delivered straight to our doorstep. ('',)

Thanks to AFC Japan for letting me try out this delicious AFC Chef's Diet Risotto meals and let me experience delicious low-calorie meal replacement food that taste like restaurant food.

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