Friday, April 15, 2011

Review: Logic Colorview 2 Color Contact Lenses

I just bought 2 boxes of Logic Colorview 2 Color monthly disposable colored contact lenses from an optical shop in Nex@ Serangoon. Actually I also never heard of this brand Logic, but since it is distributed by a local company, sold at an authorised optical shop and its selling at a promotional price, I just went ahead with 2 pairs.

More information about Logic Colorview and colors available:

* Only the type 2 colours ( infact there are a total of 6 colors to choose from) are available at the optical shop where I bought the lenses. The model's eyes are blue so the colored lenses look so bright in the above pictures... but when I wore them, its not that scary!

On the box:

In the solution:

At first, I had wanted to buy amber ( a shade of brown) but they got no stock for my eye power, so I went ahead with the next safer choice which is grey (pearl grey).

Here is how the contact lens look like on my eye:

Bare eye:

With Logic Colorview 2 Color Contact Lens in Pearl Grey:

Logic Colorview 2 color lenses look abit different from the Freshlook and FreshKon which consist of 3 tones/colors... because it is considered 2 tones/colors colored lenses.. I find that it sort of give me a bigger-eye effect due to the black border, they are also pretty comfortable for the past 2 days I wore them. They are also easy to wear and remove. Can you guess how much each pair cost me?

Only $9 per pair/box. (This promotional price quite attractive right?)

I am going to buy the brown when they replenish their stocks.

By the way, I bought them from Northern Opticians at Nex@ Serangoon.

* It is stated on the Nex brochure that the promotion is valid from March 25 to April 24, and only exclusively available at Northen Opticians @Nex branch.

* One more thing, they do not check our eye sight, so you got to know your power and you can just walk in and buy. ( I also help my friend buy 2 boxes in 0.00, so you dont have to be personally present to buy the lenses).. do give them a call at 6634 4338 to check if they have stocks for your eye power before you make a trip down.

For more information on Logic contact lenses, check out Unicon's Lens Logic Singapore Website.

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