Friday, April 15, 2011

Pictures: FreshLook One-Day Color Contact Lens (Pure Hazel)

Tried FreshLook Colorblends One-Day Color Contact Lenses (Pure Hazel) last week.. here are some pictures how it look...

Yes, FreshLook Colorblends comes in one-day disposable type..

How FreshLook ColorBlends in Pure Hazel look like in the solution:

Trying it on my eye:

Bare eye

With FreshLook ColorBlends (Pure Hazel) on....

Pure Hazel is one of the popular colors in FreshLook Colorblends colors.. and I wore this pair to a recent event, and received compliments that the lenses look nice..thanks ladies for noticing my colored contact lenses.. haha.. Ok, so far for FreshLook Colorblends, I only tried this color (Pure Hazel) and Gray... if I try other colors in the near future, will post them here..

For more information, can visit FreshLook Singapore website.

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