Tuesday, June 14, 2011

FreshKon Colors Fusion Sparklers with Blush

(From L to R): Angeli wears Glinting Brown, Ji Hae wears Gleaming Green, Alisha wears Blooming Pink, Victoria wears Glittering Blue and Natsuko wears Shimmering Grey

14 June 2011 – FreshKon®, the No.1 Cosmetic Contact Lens Brand in Singapore (GfK’s Singapore Retail Audit Jan to Dec 2010 sales in units for cosmetic contact lens segment), announced today that the Blush girls are wearing FreshKon® Colors Fusion cosmetic lenses at their Media Showcase.

The Blush girls are wearing the latest range of cosmetic lenses from the FreshKon® Colors Fusion Sparklers series. Aptly coined “Sparklers”, this range features a variety of new, sparkling colours that match the Blush group’s radiant and sparkling personalities. The five trendy colours worn by the girls in the Sparklers colors series are Blooming Pink, Glinting Brown, Glittering Blue, Gleaming Green and Shimmering Grey.

Blush is made up of five talented Asian girls - Natsuko Danjo from Japan, Lee Ji Hae from South Korea, Alisha Budhrani from India, Victoria Chan from China and Angeli Flores from the Philippines. Fresh from opening the Justin Bieber concert in Hong Kong, the five girls are in Singapore to promote their newest single “Undivided” featuring the vocals of Snoop Dogg.

The special feature of the FreshKon® Colors Fusion Sparklers series is a well-defined ring pattern, combined with the unique lens pattern and custom colors blend for that radiant, sparkling eyes effect. The lenses are truly the ideal choice to add more depth and brilliance to one’s irises. With the tagline “Match Your Life”, each color allows its wearer to match their life with FreshKon® Colors Fusion.  The variety of vibrant colours allows one to showcase different moods and can be fashionably worn to create a fun and unique style to match any occasion.

FreshKon® Colors Fusion cosmetic lenses are specially designed for wearers to enjoy superior comfort with their hydrophilic surface as well as 55% water content for optimal comfort.  In addition, the large optical zone gives clear vision. The lenses are also easy to wear with no curling lens problem. They come in wide power range from -0.00D (plano lenses) to -10.00D to cater to consumer with perfect eyesight as well as those who need vision correction. The wide variety of fashionable colours allows one a wide selection cosmetic lenses to choose from.

FreshKon® Colors Fusion currently comes in thirteen unique and attractive colors that help match one’s eye color to one’s mood, outfit and lifestyle. FreshKon® Colors Fusion Dazzlers come in 9 original dazzling colors for a dazzling, vivacious look, comprising of Misty Grey, Groovy Green, Cool Green, Sky Blue, Baby Aqua, Hippie Chestnut, Warm Hazel, Perky Brown and Romantic Violet. In 2010, FreshKon® introduced 4 new Sparklers colors which comprise of Glittering Blue, Brilliant Brown, Gleaming Green and Shimmering Grey. Two hot NEW colors, from the Sparklers range, Blooming Pink and Glinting Brown will be available at retail from August 2011.

There's a perfect color to match one’s lifestyle, mood and outfit!  Match your Life with FreshKon® Colors Fusion!

*P.S I have yet to try FreshKon® Colors Fusion cosmetic lenses, will review them once I tried them.

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