Monday, August 1, 2011

Clarins Autumn/Winter Makeup Collection (2011) - Colour Definition

Clarins Autumn/Winter Makeup Collection (2011) reveals a collection focused on eyes -  Colour Definition. Luminous, defined, intense, subtle eyes.  A flawless complexion and subtle, naturally enhanced lips all highlighting her fascinating eyes.

Colour Definition Autumn Makeup 2011 Collection features 3D Radiance Face Powder (Limited Edition), Ombre Minerale 4 Couleurs Eyeshadow Palette (New), Instant Liner (New), Joli Rouge Long-Wearing Moisturizing Lipstick (New Shades), Rouge Prodige True-Hold Colour & Shine Lipstick (New Shades).

Let us take a closer look at each of the product..

3D Radiance Face Powder (Limited Edition)
This Pixel Art highly graphic 3D Radiance Face Powder is about precision with its colour pixel motifs. In a brush stroke, the beige and peach colour duo evens and illuminates. Pink and mauve bring a touch of freshness and radiance. The powder is really soft and lightweight, and add a glow to my dull complexion. I love the ultra smooth texture! I use it as a finishing touch after my foundation by applying the powder using a big powder brush on my skin. It can also double up as a soft pink blusher if I were to sweep my brush across the pink little squares, and apply the powder on the apple of my cheeks. The shade blend seamlessly into my skin, yet gives a touch of radiance.

It is presented in the classic Clarins light gold flat case, with Clarins signature. A red velvet purse is also included.

Full Ingredients List for Clarins 3D Radiance Face Powder:
Contents: 9g

Price: $65
Ombre Minerale 4 Couleurs Eyeshadow Palette (New)

A palette of four eye colours to play for a variety of looks and there are 6 colour harmonies with modern shades that are easy to match and blend. Highly concentrated in mineral pigments, these eye shadows really light up the eyes. Can be applied dry or damp for a natural or sophisticated look.

They look so pretty ....

There are many ways you can use these lovely palettes, here is one of the ways...
This simple guide is also printed on the back of the packaging..
Each harmony comprises two satin shades, a darker eye shadow liner and an iridescent highlighter to mix and match to suit you.

  • One shade: apply a light shade or the highlighter over the eyelid to open the eyes with a transparent finish.

  • Two shades: play on contrast by combining light and dark shades.

  • Three shades: apply one of the satin shades, the shadow liner on the eye contour and finish with a touch of highlighter!

The swatches of 01 Pastels and 04 Indigo..
The shades in '01 Pastels' palette are really all pastels, except for the brown which is the darkest out of the 4, good to use as a liner or to apply at the outer V of our eyes. It is a palette that I will reach for if I want a soft and subtle look that add radiance to my eyes. 

Now look at '04 Indigo' palette, a very big contrast in term of colors as compared to  '01 Pastels'.  Personally I fell in love at first sight when I saw the picture of '04 Indigo' and the shades look even gorgeous in pans..In fact this is my very first blue palette, and I am really loving it! The texture is soft and gives a silky finish. The colours appear intensified when the eye shadow is applied with a damp applicator.
Each Ombre Minerale 4 Couleurs Eyeshadow Palette is presented in the classic Clarins light gold flat case together with a red velvet purse.

Full Ingredients List For Clarins Ombre Minerale 4 Couleurs Eyeshadow Palette (Indigo):

Contents: 5.8g

Price: $71

Instant Liner (New)

With its liquid texture and foam applicator, Instant Liner draws a high-precision, regular, intense black line in one stroke. Its light gold and black bottle has refined, elegant, feminine lines.

Its foam applicator is sturdy and able me to draw my eye liner easily.  

A liner that dries quickly. However, the lines that can be drawn using this liner are not those ultra thin lines. Not as fine as the lines drawn using a mechanical pencil though. But I love how intense the black liner appear on my skin.. Super Black! ('',)

Full Ingredients List For Clarins Instant Liner:

Contents: 1.8ml

Price: $35

Joli Rouge Long-Wearing Moisturizing Lipstick (New Shades)

Its creamy texture with mango butter nourishes and protects lips. The Maxi-Lip™ complex stimulates the production of collagen for naturally shaped, perfectly smooth lips. Skin care benefits, colour and beauty, for irresistible kiss-me lips!

The range now has 2 new permanent shades - 732 grenadine and 733 fig.

Full Ingredients List For Clarins Joli Rouge Long-Wearing Moisturizing Lipstick (732):

Contents: 3.5g

Price: $35

Rouge Prodige True-Hold Colour & Shine Lipstick (New Shades)

Its high-performance formula ensures intense colour, shine and lasting comfort thanks to High Fidelity Pearl: a new generation polymer composed of transparent molecules that resemble multi-facetted pearls containing colour pigments.

This autumn, the Rouge Prodige range has 3 new permanent shades. - 105 Peach Sorbet, 115 Rose Coral and 123 Creamy toffee

Full Ingredients List For Clarins Rouge Prodige True-Hold Colour & Shine Lipstick (105):
Contents: 3g

Price: $35

Applying the products ....

I applied Ombre Minerale 4 Couleurs Eyeshadow Palette in 04 Indigo on my eye, as per the instructions shown at the back of the packaging.

Here is how my lips look with Clarins Rouge Prodige in 105, Peach Sorbet

I also applied Instant Liner on my eye line.. the bottom liner, I used the dark purple (damp) from the Ombre Minerale 4 Couleurs Eyeshadow Palette in 04 Indigo. I finished the look by filling in my brows and wearing a pair of fake lashes.
Clarins products used in the above picture include:
  • 3D Radiance Face Powder
  • Ombre Minerale 4 Couleurs Eyeshadow Palette (04 Indigo)
  • Instant Liner
  • Rouge Prodige True-Hold Colour & Shine Lipstick (105 Peach Sorbet)
  • Blush Prodige Illuminating Cheek Colour (01 Lovely Rose)

Clarins Autumn/Winter Makeup Collection will be available at all Clarins Counters from Aug 1. Do check out this gorgeous collection, especially the beautiful Ombre Minerale 4 Couleurs Eyeshadow Palettes and 3D Radiance Face Powder.

For more product information and latest promotions, visit  Clarins website or join Clarins SG Facebook Fanpage now.

A Big Thank You to Clarins Singapore for sending me this lovely Autumn/Winter Makeup Collection to try out... Thank You Jasmine for these surprises and your lovely hand-written postcard!


Verlyn said...

I like your LOTD! Different from the usual neutrals.. :p Clarins is so generous.. The 3D radiance face powder palette is gorgeous!

Jacqueline said...

I love your lips! The colour suits you perfectly.

Sharon said...

Verlyn, haha.. me seldom do smoky eyes look coz I dont know how to.. this look just a trial.. hope did not scare you.. ya the 3D Radiance face powder is really nice...('',)

Jacqueline, thanks for your lovely comment! I am glad this nude shade work for my sausage-lips. haha... I always wish I have thinner lips than I can wear any colour of lipstick .... ('',)

Verlyn said...

Aiyo.. Not scary at all.. Your look doesn't look like trial for sure!

Sharon said...

Verlyn, thanks for your encouragement.. I think I need to go and watch many many youtube videos to learn how to apply eye makeup properly...if you see any simple tutorial showing eye makeup on puffy, hidden eyelids, do let me know..hope I can go and learn some basic makeup course one day..