Friday, September 9, 2011

[Contest] City In A Garden (CIAG) Photo Competition Including Clarins Sustainable Development Initiatives Exhibits

National Parks Board (NParks) is organizing a year-long “City In A Garden” (CIAG) Photo Competition which started from 2 July 2011. Comprising of 4 different themes starting with different submission dates, the competition aims to capture the essence of “City In A Garden” through the lenses of Singaporeans. Also, this competition will lead up to Singapore Garden Festival 2012, where the winning entries of “My City in a Garden” theme will be exhibited then.
The schedule of the 4 different themes:

1) Our Parks and Garden


Our parks are designed to cater to a wide range of lifestyle needs. These idyllic green spaces complemented with the various amenities available, such as spas, pony rides as well as sports facilities, make parks and gardens key preferred destinations for recreation. Whether for leisure, nature appreciation, a quiet evening walk or sports, your park experience can be special every time. There is a park for everyone.
  • Activities in parks: community gatherings, family outings, sports
  • Park landscapes
  • Examples of places to visit (eg: East Coast Park, Pasir Ris Park etc)

Photo submission has closed. (The winners' photographs will be exhibited on 16 Sep 2011, 12-3pm at Raffles Place.)

2) Trees & Forests

In conjunction with the United Nations- sanctioned “International Year of Forests”, we celebrate the age-old guardians that form the backbone of our garden city – trees. They can be found in nature areas, and also along roads and park connectors. In short, they are everywhere. Just look up – and be surprised at the trees that make Singapore an urban forest. Look out in particular for our heritage trees, the majestic mature trees that are conserved and treasured as important aspects of our national history.
  • Heritage Trees and Heritage Roads
  • Roadside greenery, park connectors
Photo submission closes on 26 Sep 2011.

3) BiodiverCity

Singapore may be well-known as a bustling city-state and a centre for commerce – but it is also rich in biodiversity. Our local flora and fauna, which may often be hidden from the public eye, are waiting to be captured and revealed through your lenses. Visit our parks and nature reserves to uncover the wealth of nature’s treasures there.
  • Flora (Plant life)
  • Fauna (Animal life, exclusive of domestic pets)
Photo submission closes on 5 Mar 2012.

4) My City in a Garden

Singapore’s goal is to be a city where greenery is seamlessly and beautifully woven with the urban landscape. This vision is the next stage in the evolution of the Garden City and will be realised in the lives of all in Singapore. In this City in a Garden, greenery co-exists in harmony with daily life – whether at home, at work or at play.
  • What is your City in a Garden vision?
  • Green Citycapes
  • Scenes of greenery integrated with hardscape

Photo submission closes on 7 Apr 2012

The first exhibition of the winner’s photos will be held on 16th Sep at Raffles Place from 12-3pm. 
The 11 winning photographs for this theme, together with other selected entries, as well as visuals relating to Clarins Sustainable Development initiatives, will be exhibited at Hort Park from 8 – 23 October.

Prize Sponsorship by Clarins:

Overall Winner
Overall winner amongst the 4 themes a fully paid expedition to Burkina Faso, West Africa (worth $20,000) with Clarins ethno-botanist Jean-Pierre Nicholas, who founded the “Jardin du Monde”, an association dedicated to restoring traditional medicinal plants for rural population who have no access to modern medicine.

The prize ceremony will be presented in June 2012 during Singapore Garden’s Festival (SGF) 2012.
Junior Category (7-12 years old) Presented by Clarins

Cash Prizes worth $5,000
Children can submit photographs for any of the four themes mentioned above. This category will be open in Nov 2011 and will close in Apr 2012.

For more information on“City In A Garden” photo competition, visit
For more information on Clarins Sustainable Development initiatives, click on this link.

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