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Happy Moments With Lactacyd Intimate Daily Feminine Hygiene Wash- My Everyday Love!

Some of the happy and memorable moments in my life. Yes, if you have noticed, I was indeed happy in all the pictures.. Great friends, fun activities plus feeling fresh and clean at the V-zone made me happier and enjoyed myself more!!!!  ('',)


.... Because I did not experienced any bad odour, itchiness or/and redness at my V-zone (nether region) ..I cannot imagine if  I have bad odour or feel itchy at my V-zone, I doubt I will even want to go out, cause I would be conscious of my bad odour. This will definitely dampen my mood. That is why I have been using feminine hygiene wash and wipes in the past decade.

It is important to realise that just like other parts of the body, a woman's intimate area requires special care and attention.

Therefore, we need feminine hygiene wash. / wipes to maintain the healthy pH level of our V-Zone.

Our V-Zone is of pH 3.8 to 4.5. Normal body wash are usually more alkaline which will reduce the natural protection of the V-Zone. The skin and lining surrounding a woman's intimate area contains "friendly" bacteria, which produces an acid known as lactic acid. This acid maintains a healthy environment and prevents the growth of "unfriendly" bacteria or yeast, which can cause infection.

Hence the feminine hygiene wash that we choose should be gentle enough yet help to protect against infections and irritations.

Introducing my favourite range of feminine care products.. from Lactacyd. I have tried a couple of feminine washes in the last 10 years, but I always go back to Lactacyd, especially when I discovered the latest Lactacyd Intimate Daily Feminine Wash and Wipes a few months back. I just LOVEx100 these 2 products! (My Holy Grails!)  They have become part of my daily lifestyle, and I cannot live without them!

My love relationship with Lactacyd Intimate Daily Feminine Wash & Wipes started when I picked up my first Lactacyd Intimate trial pack ($2) at Watsons many months back. In the trial pack, it consists of a sample bottle of Intimate Daily Feminine Wash (40ml) and a retail size pack of Daily Feminine Wipes (10 pieces).

Update: I just purchased yet another lactacyd trial pack from Watsons and here are more details and images on the trial pack..

Now it even includes a $2 off coupon for our next purchase of the 250ml Lactacyd Intimate Daily Feminine Hygiene Wash (Usual Price: $6.90). How Nice!

Now take a closer look at my 2 Holy Grail Feminine Care products from Lactacyd ...

Lactacyd Intimate Daily Feminine Hygiene Wash contains natural milk extracts that helps to preserve the intimate area and Lactic Acid that is in harmony with our vaginal pH.

Its Benefits:
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Extra moisturising
  • Prevents odour and itch
  • For sensitive skin
  • For everyday use 

Full Ingredients List:

Directions of use:

Shake well before use. Use daily in place of shower gel to wash external vaginal area. Rinse thoroughly with water.

The first thing I fell in love with this product is the sensual scent that just smell so nice and feminine. Unlike its sibling - Lactacyd Extra Care pH3.5 Cleansing Daily Protection which has a milky texture, Lactacyd Intimate Daily Feminine Wash is something like a mild baby soap. It made my V-zone really clean and fresh. It also made my skin feel well moisturised after each wash. Thanks to the extra natural milk extract and gentle formula!

Lactacyd Daily Feminine Wipes are specially designed for women's imtimate areas. Wipes are suitable for daily use.

Its Benefits:
  • Same ingredients as Lactacyd Feminine Hygiene Wash
  • Contains natural ingredients Lactic Acid and milk extract, which help to preserve the natural vaginal acidic protective layer.
  • Rinse-free formula instantly cleans and freshens.

Full Ingredients List:

Directions of use:

Pull out one piece of wipe from packet, unfold and gently wipe the feminine area. Discard the used wipe. Do not flush. Reseal pack immediately after use.

Lactacyd Daily Feminine Wipe has a cotton-like texture and a pleasant nice scent. It is so soft and gentle to be used on our sensitive V-zone. I always have a pack in my pouch because these wipes really come in handy during my menses, especially when I change my sanitary pad. It cleanses my delicate skin gently and effectively, providing an immediate freshness to my V-Zone. It just feel more comfortable to clean my intimate area during each change of sanitary pad.  This is really a convenient pack, as I can clean and freshen anytime, anywhere to make me feel fresh and confidentNo more discomfort and sticky feeling after using lactacyd Daily Feminine Wipe.

You really got to try it to personally feel how wonderful and useful these products are.. N begin your journey to proper V-zone care today! here are 2 GREAT news to share...

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