Sunday, September 25, 2011

Loving Watsons Promotions

Guess what I got from Watsons yesterday?

Dada.. each item only cost $2 and I got 1 item free for every 10 items purchased during this
promotional period.

Yes, I stocked up a few packs of my favourite Kodomo Baby Wipes because they are really cheap. In fact, these ultra-soft wipes are fragrance-free, and alcohol-free which is gentle on babies' and our skin. I always have a pack in the car to clean my hands and wipe off birds' droppings on the car. Plus the wipes do not dry up that easily after opening the pack, and the quality is pretty good. NTUC is selling $8.80 for a pack of 3 so that is why I always stock up when I see them on sale at Watsons. Think Kodomo Baby Wipes at $2 (or $1.80 if you buy 10 items and free 1 item) is the cheapest one can find for this product.

Check out the descriptions and ingredients..

Another thing which I picked up is this Lactacyd Intimate Travel Pack which I mentioned before. I have bought several boxes of this product in the past.. Now it even includes a $2 off coupon for your next 250ml Lactacyd Intimate Daily Feminine Hygiene Wash (Usual Price: $6.90). Previously, each the travel pack came with only a $1 off coupon.

Know why I kept buying this Lactacyd Intimate travel packs? Because I simply love these 2 products, read my review here. Plus a bundle of 3x Lactacyd Daily Feminine Wipes cost $5, so I am paying just $1 more to get 3 more travel size bottles of Lactacyd Intimate Daily Feminine Hygiene Wash (40ml each) which are great for travelling use. Smart right?

If you have yet to try my Holy Grail feminine care products - Lactacyd Intimate Daily Feminine Hygiene Wash and Lactacyd Daily Feminine Wipes, you can simply be smarter by redeeming for free samples (above 2 products) from this link- .. Both the samples will be delivered to your mailboxes, absolutely free.

Ok, do head down to Watsons and enjoy shopping!! ('',)


Cat(Herine) said...

oh wow! great deal!

Sharon said...

Hi Cat,

Great to see you here! Ya,I love Watsons $2 deals..they even got pads, face masks, hand masks.. all buy 10 free 1, some of the $2 items are placed on the shelves too (got to look out for their special tags)

Very good to shop.. ('',)

Have a greta week ahead!