Thursday, September 22, 2011

Pantene Empowers You To Break The Cycle Of Unhealthy Hair Problems Within 14 Days

Last Tuesday, I was invited to Pantene's beauty roundtable and was delighted to know more about how to care for my hair from the beauty experts (Dr Jasmine Karsono - P& G's Principal Scientist, and Mr Edward Chong- Salon Director of Evolve Salon).

Three lovely ladies who went through Pantene's 14-day Flag Off Challenge to break the cycle of unhealthy hair, also shared with us their hair problems and how they have beautiful and healthy hair now. Know who these beauties are...

As seen in the top right corner picture, from left to right:

  • Ms Genecia Luo - Founder and Principal Trainer of InQueenz
  • Ms Velda Tan - Creative Director of Love Bonito, check out Velda's blog
  • Ms Jessica Tan - Actress & Model, also Miss Singapore Universe 2007, check out Jessica's blog

Be it hair loss, dry, flat, tangled or lifeless hair problems that they faced in the past, they were history. These ladies are now spotted with really gorgeous looking hair that look healthy and smooth after they embarked on Pantene's 14-day challenge using Pantene haircare products.

So How To Break The Cycle Of Unhealthy Hair?

Continual exposure to external aggressors (pollution, dust, UV rays, heat from styling tools) without proper treatment will lead to poor hair health such as damaged hair with spilt ends; rough tangled hair; weakened hair with easy breakage; and flat dull hair.

Inspired by this insight, Pantene started to delve deeper into the cycle of unhealthy hair and how hair health can be restored - through the use of the right haircare treatments. ( I remember vividly what Dr Jasmine Karsono stressed to us during the event:   "Always remember to condition, condition and condition our hair during each wash" )

Starting with the strengthing of weakened hair strands, Pantene's latest treatments restore hair health to resilience, providing hair with an all-day bounce. Thanks to its signature Pro-V technology in all its products.

Trying to break out of the cycle of unhealthy hair?

Choose a regimen to address your hair needs.. There are four ranges... Total Damage Care, Smooth & Silky, Hair Fall Control and Nature Care..

As I am having hair loss problem all these while, I chose the Hair Fall Control Range. It comprises of 4 products ...

Pantene Hair Fall Control Range - From left to right:
Shampoo, Conditioner, Rinse Off Treatment and Intensive Treatment

And here are the steps in using them...

STEP 1: Pantene Hair Fall Control Shampoo is your first step to strong, healthy hair from root to tip. It is designed to gently remove impurities and protect hair from breakage.

STEP 2: Use Pantene Hair Fall Control Conditioner after shampooing, to fortify hair against breakage.

Step 3: To give hair a protection layer in between washes, use Pantene Hair Fall Control Rinse Off Treatment. It helps to form an artifical layer that mimics hair's natural protective layer that gets easily damaged.

STEP 4: Providing daily deep strengthening and replenishment for brittle damaged hair is Pantene Daily Hair Fall Control Treatment. Replace your conditioner with this if you have chronic hair fall that needs regular care, or use it once a week on top of your regular conditioner for an extra boost of strengthening protection.

How the above 4 products look like:

Interesting things I noted about the products' packaging...

I have been using these 4 products for about 10 days, and I noticed that my hair fall problem has improved. Previously after I blow-dry my hair, there were more than 20 strands of hair found on the floor. But since I started on Pantene Hair Fall Control regimen,there was a significant reduction of hair fall after I blow-dry my hair. (like 30% less as compared to the past!) 

What I love about the products, is the effect and smell.. I did not expect them to smell like bubblegum.. Yes, the sweet fruity scent lingers on my hair for 1-2 hours after my shower. My hair feels softer and looks healthier..It is definitely important to condition, condition and condition our hair..

Try the Pantene's 14-day Flag Off Challenge now and say good bye to unhealthy hair..

Pantene hair care products are available at all leading supermarkets and pharmacies.

For more product information, visit Pantene website

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