Monday, September 17, 2012

Review: AFC Cho Beauty Inner Cleanse System

How Clean Are You Inside? Are your intestines aging faster than you are??

If you experience any of the above 3 symptoms, your intestines are aging faster than you are.. and you may need to change your eating habits, incorporate a more healthy lifestyle, exercise regularly and/or consume some health supplements that can help to cleanse and detox our bodies from within...

Introducing AFC Cho Beauty.....

AFC Cho Beauty is a health and beauty supplement that contains an advanced culture of patented heat-treated FK-23 and highly stable Bifidus Bacteria to cleanse and eliminate harmful toxins for a renewed sense of wellness.

The Benefits of Cho Beauty:

How Cho Beauty Works?

The Key Ingredients and Functions of Cho Beauty:

Full Ingredients List of Cho Beauty:

Directions of use:

Content: 135g (4.5g x 30 sachets)

Price: $74.90 

My experience trying the product:

Upon opening the box... I was greeted with 30 individual sachets of AFC Cho Beauty.

Each sachet contains 4.5g of product. ( I really like the idea that the product comes in these handy individual sachets which is so convenient and easy to consume!)

There are 2 ways to consume Cho Beauty. I will be showing you the "Mix with Water" method...  Just need a glass of water (150-200ml), a spoon and of course a sachet of Cho Beauty..

^When I added a sachet of Cho Beauty into a glass of water (at room temperature) ..

After stirring the powder well in water, I got a glass of Cho Beauty drink... Although it is stated as grapefruit flavour, I find that it tasted more like orange to me.. The above Cho Beauty drink tasted like a diluted orange drink, the taste is still acceptable to me though. (of course, you can add the sachet of Cho Beauty into your fruit juice or honey water according to your preference)

Ok, I mentioned that there are 2 ways to consume Cho Beauty. I also tried another method, that is by pouring the powder of sachet slowly directly into my mouth and following by drinking water. I have to say consuming Cho Beauty this way gives a different taste as compared to diluting it in a glass of plain water. While the latter gives a diluted orange taste, the former gives a stronger sweet-sour orange taste. 

(One word of caution, please do not pour the whole sachet directly into your mouth in one shot.. sure will choke, do it in small mouthful, drink water in between and enjoy the nice orangish after-taste!)

I alternate between these 2 methods depending on my mood/situation. If I see any bottle of water around me during the time I want to consume Cho Beauty, I will just use the "pour into my mouth" method ..faster and I do not have to use a cup.

For the past 2 weeks, I have been taking 2 sachets everyday. 1 sachet in the morning and 1 sachet at night, on an empty stomach, and I do experience smoother bowel movement. I used to go to toilet once a week, but now my constipation problem has greatly improved, and I now find myself experiencing very smooth defecation on almost every alternate day.  Plus NO diarrhoea effect!

My digestive system has improved and my stomach is not so bloated as before. My big tummy is still present but its now slightly flatter, I guess regular defecation helps! One of my main concerns is to improve my current problematic complexion, and I am happy that Cho Beauty has helped prevent new acne outbreaks. My pimples are now in the healing process. 

Good health begins with our intestines, Cho Beauty Inner Cleanse System is an all-natural solution to flush accumulated waste for a true sense of well-being.

For more product information, check out Lifestream website now. Do join AFC Facebook today if you want to be updated with the latest promotions and new product launches.

* Cho Beauty is available at all Unity pharmacies, Nishino pharmacies, selected John Little & Robinsons, as well as Lifestream website.

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