Monday, September 19, 2011

Smooth E Extra Sensitive Cleansing Gel

Smooth E Extra Sensitive Cleansing Gel is a Non-Ionic (NIS) gel cleanser designed to remove impurities without causing irritation and disturbing natural skin moisture. This cleanser claims to be suitable for people with sensitive and acne-prone skin.

Non-ionic (NIS) formula leaves no chemical residues that may cause acne, fine lines and other related skin problems. It is also 100% oil-free.

The unique formula of Smooth E Extra Sensitive Cleansing Gel :

Directions of use:
Apply small amount of Smooth E Extra Sensitive Cleansing Gel to moist skin. Gently massage before rinsing thoroughly with water.

Content: 165ml/tube

Price: $16.90

Where to buy:
Available exclusively at Guardian stores. 

The cleanser comes in a no-frills tube packaging which has an ultra small opening allows me to dispense just the right amount of product required, without unnecessary spillage or wastage.

This is one of the unique selling point of the product - a bubble-free cleanser which is said to contain NO negative charges, and NO chemical residues which may cause acne, fine lines and other related skin problems.

I was pretty excited when I received this cleanser as it is meant for sensitive and acne-prone skin (yes, exactly like my skin type). As it is a bubble-free formula, the cleanser did not lather into dense foam like what our regular cleanser does. I have to say I love the nice scent of the product. It smells like plants and sort of reminds me of the spa facial sessions I had before.. It left my skin smooth after each wash. At first I thought my skin is not compatible with this cleanser as a few little white heads pop out from my skin from nowhere the very next day. However, I was told to try for one more week and true enough, my skin did not have any weird white heads thereafter. The scent of the cleanser is really uplifting and refreshing.

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