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HAPICA Sonic Toothbrushes - Minus Ion, Periodontal Ultra And Pinpoint

HAPICA toothbrushes were launched in 1986 in Japan and became a huge hit due to its superior dental cleansing ability and high durability at an affordable price. 100% Japan made, the uncompromised quality from material, selection, design and construction of HAPICA sonic toothbrushes to HAPICA’s patented Hapi-Sonic™ technology earned international recognition and approval from various dental associations around the world.

So what is HAPICA’s Patented Hapi-Sonic™ technology about?

The Benefits of HAPICA Minus Ion Toothbrush:

Let us take a closer look at HAPICA toothbrushes.. There are 3 series- Minus Ion, Periodontal Ultra and Pinpoint.


Here is HAPICA Minus Ion in the packaging..

An Ultimate All - In-One Brush
  • Superior plaque, tartar and stain removal
  • Special-cut ceramic bristles reach gum pockets and protect teeth enamel
  • Antibacterial brush head inhibits bacteria growth on bristles
  • Water-resistant and highly durable

It does look like an electric toothbrush... BUT its battery-operated..

Very convenient.. just replace any AA battery when the battery is flat.

And the best part is we can interchange and replace the brush head easily...

It is my first time trying a toothbrush like HAPICA which combines 7,000 times ultrasonic vibrations per minute with precision tapping, clinically proven to perform better than sonic toothbrushes with 31,000 vibrations per minute.

I must say it is really fun to brush my teeth since I started using my HAPICA toothbrush.. The vibration is quite strong as I can feel it while holding, however there is no pain involved when I brush along my gum line..The soft, round-ended bristles are non-abrasive on my teeth and gums. My gums used to bleed easily when I brush my teeth using a nomal manual brush but now my gums do not bleed at all while I am brushing my teeth with HAPICA toothbrush. And the result is much cleaner teeth! It is as if I have had my teeth flossed while brushing my teeth.

Directions of use for Minus Ion (and also Periodontal Ultra):

See these 2 pictures I took before and after using HAPICA Minus Ion toothbrush..

This is really an amazing toothbrush that I will repurchase for the coming years. (And the good news is a HAPICA's replacement brush head cost around the same price as an Oral-B toothbrush!!) Very affordable plus its quality stuff!

See the other 2 type of brush heads



The brush head in the middle (green bristles) is called Periodontal Ultra.

It is Super Gentle, Ultra Compact with better reach..
  • Intelligent special-cut bristles and small brush head effectively remove food particles and plaque along gum line, gum pockets and back teeth.
  • Gentle on sensitive teeth and gum.
  • Water-resistant and highly durable.

Personally I find that Periodontal Ultra is quite similar to Minus Ion, except that the latter has a bigger brush head. Due to the compact brush head, I find it easier to reach deep within oral cavities. The bristles are also much finer and softer than Minus Ion's bristles. This works just as great as Minus Ion! Periodontal Ultra is recommended for people with sensitive teeth.

Last but not least.. check out PinPoint...

It is the smallest bristle out of the 3 bristles, for Automatic Interdental Cleaning
  • Recommended for braces wearers, teeth with interdental gaps, molars, bridges, crowns and implants
  • Ultrasonic vibration cleanses more effectively than manual interdental brush/dental floss
  • Water resistant and highly durable

Pinpoint is a highly resistant interdental superfine 0.7mm bristles with flexible nozzle that bends freely at all angles to access hard-to-reach areas effortlessly.  This brush is not for brushing our teeth but more to remove the finest particles that are trapped in hard-to-reach areas. Personally I find it a bit difficult to use as the space between my teeth is very tight. Think braces wearers will be able to appreciate this mini brush more than I do. The replacement brush heads come in pack of 6 for Pinpoint though!

Directions of use of pinpoint brush..


You just need to get one HAPICA's toothbrush ( body + a brush head) and you can just buy replacement brush heads for future use. HAPICA sonic toothbrushes and replacement brush heads packs are really reasonable priced! check out the prices below...

HAPICA prices and availability
Available at Watsons and Lifestream Group Website

HAPICA Sonic Toothbrush
(Body + Brush Head) Minus Ion: $18.90
  • Periodontal Ultra: $16.90
  • Pinpoint: $15.90
HAPICA Replacement Brushes Packs
(HAPICA brush heads are interchangeable with any HAPICA toothbrush body)
  • Minus Ion brush heads: $11.90  ( 2 replacement brush heads/pack)
  • Periodontal Ultra brush heads: $10.90 ( 2 replacement brush heads/pack)
  • Pinpoint brush heads: $10.90 (6 replacement brush heads/pack)

With its unparalleled, professional dental benefits at affordable prices, it is the reason why more than 20 million HAPICA toothbrushes have been sold in Japan. 100% Made In Japan.

For more product information, check out Lifestream Group Website and do join AFC Facebook Fanpage for the latest promotions.

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