Wednesday, December 31, 2008

30 Dec 2008 - JB trip

Just now, I went to JB with my mum again.. my mum so blur, brought my brother's passport instead of mine.. luckily i asked for my passport so that I can acknowledge on the white card.. and only that moment my mum realised she took the wrong passport... we had just boarded the yellow bus then but luckily the uncle returned us the fares and we alighted the bus..

And luckily my brother had not left house and would be on his way to town so meet him at little india mrt station to take my passport.. so heng!!!

Its so lucky that I had checked.. if I have not and reached woodlands checkpoint..think we have to waste time to travel home...

today's rate is good at 240...

collected my summit shoes, bought a few t-shirts, J-CO donuts and tried a new stall selling tau huey after our meal..

its called glassjelly 5... which consists of 5 ingredients.. i think JB's pearls not as nice as singapore.. theirs rather soft and tasteless. this bowl of dessert will be better if shaved ice is added to make it colder.. next time shall try their tau huey.. ( the name of the shop is bean's talk)

Before going home, we went to have donut and drink coffee at ( newly open not long only) at level 1, besides bata shop.. but the coffee machine spoilt so no coffee.. but try their Iced Thai Tea (RM$9.50).. not bad, a unique taste... ( orangey milk tea) we ate the glazzy donut at the cafe and it was nice so we also da-bao a small box of donuts home.. I cannot remember how much singapore's J.Co is selling but in JB, these are the prices I can remember..

Glazzy donut - RM$2.00 each, half dozen - RM$9.60
Assorted donut - RM$2.40 each, half dozen - RM$12.00, 2 dozens - RM$35.80
( all prices have to add 5% tax)

so our box of 6 donuts cost RM$12.50 after tax.. i guess it should be cheaper than singapore..or else there wont be a super long Q at around 9.45pm.. there were like more than 20 people queuing up for donuts when almost all the shops in the building already closed.. Just now I ate the almond one, but it was super sweet.. ( i am not a donut fan, but i find its glazzy donut ( the normal plain ones) much nicer than the overly sweet assorted donuts.

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