Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Fighting Fish gave birth the second time

My brother's fighting fish gave birth to its 2nd round of babies.. you know the first time round, when they are more than 100 babies, only 7 of them survived.. think its partly my fault, because my brother was away for holidays and asked me to feed the baby but i forgot until the 8th day he was away, then remember to feed...

the first batch of surviving babies - 7 of them...

The day my brother came back from thailand which is on 26th midnight, he went to put the male and female fighting fishes together and separated them on the 2nd or 3rd day. And today which is 31 Dec, I just boliao go and take a note at his fighting fish.. and I saw that it has given birth to many many babies .. and many of them are still surviving..

my brother told me that the mama fighting fish will eat up its babies so he had to separate the mama from the babies, and only let the papa fighting fish to take care of the babies.. but its true, just now when i observe, the papa really super busy..

there are 100 babies, and many of them cannot swim, and sink to the base, so he has to put them in its mouth and swim up, and open its mouth to release the babies to the top so that they can gasp for air.. so funny scene.. the papa is super busy, i can see it swimming up and down..

when I look down the tank, I can see the poor little babies's 2 eyes looking up... their eyes are as small as a small full stop.. so funny..

I wonder how many of them can survive this time round.. if its way more than 7 .. i guess during the first round, the hundreds of them really die of starvation because I did not feed them for the first 8 days...

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