Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Birthday To Me @ With A Pinch Of Salt Restaurant

I slept at 12am++ and woke up at 6am ... haha, so early.. so went to buy fried beehoon + mee and fried black carrot cake.. the aunt who fried the beehoon did not come, so it was the uncle who cooked the beehoon.. think not that nice as compared to the aunt's cooking... think its the experience ...

My mum not working today so we thought of going into JB until I received my aunt's sms wishing me happy birthday and whether I am interested to go to tanjong katong eat western food.. haha, of course I went... with my mum..

My aunt came to fetch me and mum at 12.30pm..and she drove us to tanjong katong area and to this cafe called " With A Pinch Of salt" - such a funny name isn't ? When I stepped inside this small cafe, there were quite a number of customers, around 3 tables... although it is just a small restaurant/cafe, it is very cozy... when I sat down ..I was immediately attracted to the tables prints.. so cute!!! the menu also very cute..

This is just one of the table tops print.. as I look around, there are a few designs.. even the two tables that we were located, also got 2 different prints.. like a kid place..

this is the front of the menu...

the back of the menu..

Actually I just flipped through the menu only.. but there was a set lunch special menu so I spent more time looking through.. my aunt recommended me the Gordon Bleu fish.. but in the end, we ordered 3 different main so that I can taste more .. oh well, we ordered the set meal which include a main of our choice, a salad or soup, soft drink or coffee, and a dessert.

here come our food....

we had 2 of these salad.. quite a big bowl.. and also a bowl of fried onion soup which was nice too.. it does not have the onion smell, in fact, it is so well cooked that the onion taste sweet...

Ms Dory Pan -Seared ($10.90).. quite nice, the topping is nice, making the fish more tasty.. dont have to use chilli sauce.. haha..

Gordon Bleu Chicken($11.90).. I had this .. actually gordon bleu is they stuffed cheese and ham in the middle of the meat before they deep fried the meat..

This is gordon bleu fish ($11.90).. its more or less the same as gordon bleu except that this is fish..

oh well, for those who dont like to eat chicken breast meat, then dont order gordon bleu chicken, because it really use breast meat that dont have any fats.. hehe.. so I quite like.. but would prefer the fish.. the chicken is not the juicy type as its more stiff since its really my favourite breast meat.. but its crispy though..

Don't see that the above main dish look look quite small, below each piece of meat, there are a few pieces of potato wedges.. the food is hot and tasty..

we were served coffee/tea together with our desserts.. creme caramel, we also can choose a scoop of ice-cream but we didnt...

If you see this bread & butter pudding, do try it...its nice...

just now I went to their website, and saw these photos ..

this is how the outer & inner of the restaurant/cafe look like:

( look out for the little cute girl picture..there are also pictures of this little cute girl inside the shop)

( the inner of the shop..see those lights so colorful.. like a kid place)

The wall is also very cute right... Afternoon, I was sitting at the tables besides the big girl picture..No wonder I saw other customers taking pictures against the wall.. now I know why.. the tagline so interesting - :" It's Only A Cafe dont take it so seriously..."

I will bring my brother and recommend all my friends over there.. the food is cheap and good, and the ambiene is nice and cozy...

Go during lunch and we can enjoy their set meal starting from $8.90 for their fish & chips.. and i think for dinner time, can add $3.50 to create your set meal.. No GST, NO service charge!!! Highly Recommended!

Thanks my My Dear Aunt for the treat and bringing me to this little cozy, cute cafe along Tanjong katong Road... I think kids and adults will love this place...

With A Pinch Of Salt

297 Tanjong Katong Road

Tel: 63482297

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