Thursday, December 25, 2008

Lao Zhong Zhong Wu Xiang

Just now I went tohave dinner at Macpherson, diagonally opposite ex Jackson Kopitiam.. actually our main purpose was to eat the wu xiang.. the wu xiang was moved over from Jackson Kopitiam..

I love this wu xiang and have been eating it for many years.. i think it is one of the best wu xiang in singapore.. most of the ingredients are handmade, and its nice and cheap...
the big brown crispy thing with prawns on top thing is nice and crispy.. they also sell a pumpkin thing quite nice too.. actually this is almost a perfect wu xiang, I cannot find any major flaw with it.. the chilli sauce also nice, topped with peanut. I think most customers will order wu xiang to complement their main dish, be it porridge, noodles, or rice... At least 7 out of 10 tables can be seen eating this wu xiang...
I ate the macoroni soup besides the stall selling the famous porridge.. I think the macoroni standard dropped alot compared to the very first time i ate it.. the soup is not so sweet as the first time.. so have to add soy sauce and small red chilli padi to make it taste better or else teh soup is really tasteless.. This stall is called Soon Li Whitley Road Porridge.. last time when it was at the ex Jackson kopitiam, we need to wait at least 30mins to have a bowl of their porridge, now only need less than 10mins.. their porridge ( meat or century egg) still taste much better than their macoroni soup... but a word of caution, their fish porridge also quite tasteless.. but their meat or century egg porridge is worth trying.. its one of the nice porridges around..
Last time I saw Gurmit Singh and Michelle Chia filming the Lost & Found variety show, it include the bar chor mee, Lao Zhong Zhong Wu Xiang and this Soon Li Whitley Road porridge..these stalls actually shifted from the ex-Jackson kopitiam.. Opposite this Lao Zhong Zhong kopitiam, also got a quite nice prawn mee soup noodles.. but i find the morning shift cook better than the night shift.. haha

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