Monday, December 22, 2008


After the MM party, went to have dinner with my dear at Sing Ho chicken rice at the corner of short street, 2 3 shops away from rochor tau hauy... it used to serve quite nice chicken rice but now the standard dropped tremendously that I wont be going there to eat disappointment!

Dear managed to buy tickets for IP man at Marina square for 11.35pm, because GV max is not showing IP man.. instead they showing Yes Man which not many people watching.. maybe they dont expect Ip man to have such good response so they allocate smaller theatres for the show.. even at Marina Square, the largest theatre was showing Yes Man...but also not many people watching..

IP man is a nice movie.. action packed.. featuring Donnie Yen ..he is quite cool .. this movie is quite humourous too.. IP man is actually the master of bruce lee so can imagine how good he is ... Well, certainly worth the weekend price! entertaining movie with a story plot.

by the way, the advertisement which Hui Ge asking people to switch off the handphone is super funny... almost the whole theatre people laugh out loud at the sillyness, a very good way to ask people to switch to silent mode and not just keep laughing.. ( HEHE!)

Will give IP MAN 8 out of 10! Great!

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