Monday, December 22, 2008

Majolica Majorca Party

20 Dec 2008 - Met up with Tiphanie to attend this Majolica Majorca Party at day & Night at Selegie.. we had wanton mee at Sunshine plaza before we attended the event.. ( thanks for the treat ger) ... In order to attend this party, we have to Q up to get invites ( a long star wand) from MM counter on 6th Dec and only limit to first 100 cleo readers who showed up with the MM advertisement published from Cleo..and we managed to get the invites to the event !

We also got lovely and generous full size Majolica Majorca door gifts, including this Limited edition  Majolumina.

A special mention about this Limited edition Majolumina.. when we first got it in our hands, we were so shocked it was so light.. as if there is nothing inside.. at first thought, we really thought we were given an empty tub with just the puff inside.. then i saw the back stated the ingredients with talc so I supposed it was not empty.. then we went to see the samples of majolumina that we realised that the powder is in the puff.. so mountain tortoises of us to think that we were given empty tubs.. luckily we did not stupidly ask the MM staff why it was empty inside..

The puff actually will provide some glitters ( very slight glitters) .. the one i got is pink which is gold shimmers.. whereas blue tub is silver shimmers.. both are nice.. not those exaggerating bling bling type..

Haha, this is me!!( my first time having a caricaturist to draw cartoon face of me)... but it dont look like me .. i dont have such big eyes, and not so slim too... haha

we even took home 2 photographs each..but it took quite some time for the photos to be printed as there were so many people and only one portable printer available..

I enjoyed myself alot, thanks for the company my dear friend and thanks for the lovely, nice smelling surprise Christmas presents


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