Monday, December 22, 2008

Ministry Of Food

19 Dec 2008, my friends gave me a birthday treat in advance at Ministry of food.. well, I was asked to choose a venue but I just thought of eating Japanese food and did not really know where to go... so one of my friends suggested Ministry of Food as she has been there a few times , and so we went there.. haha, actually it was the name of the restaurant that attracted me to go there, plus i red a few reviews on MOF and it look quite nice.. so there we went..

This is one of the appetizers that i managed to snap a picture.. its a salad with wasabi..yacks, it really taste of wasabi when I ate the vegetable.. I dont like wasabi to be honest, so i dont find this nice..

This is what I ordered... i think seafood + chicken cutlet set.. the soup in the seafood hot plate is very sweet and tasty.. and I must give 2 thumb up for the miso soup.. its clear, light and delicious.. I think this is my first time drinking such a clear miso soup.. because normally miso soup, there is this powdery sediments at the base, but for this bowl, there is no powdery sediments or so, but the base is filled with some scattered egg flowers.. Well, as for the chicken cutlet, I dont really like as its not breast meat.. its quite juicy ( its the FATS!) though...

This is a salmon + beef shabu set with apple sauce.. its quite disappointing as the soup is only plain water not like the above sweet and yummy hot plate soup, and only got a few slices of meat.. however the potato salad is not bad..

For every set we ordered, it comes with a bowl of rice and a cup of coffee/tea coupon which we can redeem on the spot or on our next visit, and we can add $3.30 to get an additional dessert which their restaurant is good for..

My friend ordered this mango thingy .. he was opposite me so i managed to take a picture of his desserts, the rest of my friends also ordered different types of desserts but they were too far from me so I did not snap pictures of the nice looking desserts..


This is what I ate.. fried sweet potato with soft serve with green tea and red bean.. the fried sweet potato is very hot and the ice cream is cold.. but it was delicious.. one of my friends ordered a bowl of red bean with mochi also not bad, but too much of the red bean maybe too gelat..

The bill came up to $230 for 10 of us.. but with 10% membership discount and additional 5% discount for POSB/DBS card, it came to around $200.. ( oopss, I was not suppose to know how much, but the person (sulynn) who foot the bill, just sat besides me and was checking the bill.. ) haha...

I would go back for the seafood hot plate set and its desserts again... but i think its also a nice place to chit chat over desserts on a hot afternoon..

It was pretty packed on a Friday evening so I guess have to be early to go and Q up... there are a few outlets in Singapore , and the one we went to is Bugis ..

Ministry of Food (Cafe & Restaurant)
200 Victoria Street
#02-45 Bugis Junction S(188021).
Tel: 65-6338 6466
After dinner, we went to Jeff's place and had a lot of fun.. I plead my friends not to sabo me with the cake and so, they made me drink... and I think I drank about 1/3 of a bottle of vodka peach.. and I got high.. but I still managed to play mahong with them thereafter.. haha.. luckily I was not drunk.. but I enjoyed myself alot that night... thanks to all my friends: Sulynn, Chandy, Ashley, Michael, YuHui, Ah Guan, Keith, Joey, George, Shuyun and especially jeff for allowing us to go to his big house to play..

My birthday cake in advance..
( haha, I finally know the cakeshop name with cartoon prints on it - Four Leaves)

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