Friday, December 12, 2008

Menya ShinChan At Robertson Quay

Went with Peggy to eat this ramen called madame sinjiro at Menya ShinChan at Robertson Quay.. this set comes with a drink at around $14... It was my first time eating there, and all I can say is..its quite nice.. its the most most generous servings of bean sprouts ( was shocked to find so much bean sprouts) in the noodles.. but i dont like the meat because got fats.. it taste like char siew.. See the little white white lumps in the soup..later than I realise they are fats.. no wonder the soup is so tasty.. next time I shall try the seafood soup base.. maybe it will be less oily..

Its called madame sinjiro because its more for ladies size, really big bowl .. heard the normal sinjiro is even a super big bowl.. haha, if you are super hungry can give the sinjiro a try...

The ambiene is not bad, food is nice and price reasonable.. can give it a try..

I think there is citibank card promotion.. which is give free ramen.. but I dont think it neccessary since the ramen in the bowl already alot...

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