Monday, December 15, 2008

Model Co Lash Wand Heated Eyelash Curler



I got this Model Co Lash Wand heated eyelash curler from a cozycot contest.. really lucky to have won this...

Instructions of use as stated on the packaging:

Step 01:
Insert AAA battery. For best results apply mascara first.Turn on the switch, wait approx. 60 seconds for blue sensor coil to turn white, indicating optimum temperature for shaping.

place Lash Wand at the root of eye lash. gently fold back lash against eyelid and hold for approx.20-30 seconds to obtain optimum curl. you may need to repeat this step.

To maintain optimum battery life, switch off immediately after use. It should take no longer than 3 minutes to complete steps1 & 2. Clean lash wand with brush provided to prevent mascara build up.

I have just a few times in my bare lashes.. didnt use it on my mascara-ed lashes, dont bearto dirty the wand, or scratched the nice outer case.... it did manage to curl my lashes as what Eyecurler II curler did.

What I like about this is it is very slim and light weight, and it uses AAA size battery. but what I dont like about this is the material used to make the outer case. Its like matt alumimium material, making it very prone to scratches if not well protected.

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