Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Nu Ren Wo Zui Da Beauty Maker's Products

Yesterday I went to collect from my friend beuaty maker color correcting eyelid primer. haha, waited for quite a while before getting this. Plus this, althogether I have 3 beauty maker products from Kevin lao shi's makeup range.

This is the color correcting eyelid primer which I will be trying soon..

Product description for color correcting eyelid primer ( from package):
- Developed specifically for use unedr and around the eye area. This Eye bright balm soothes, protects and condition with added benefit of keeping eye shadows in place. Infused with a botanical blend of avocado and rose essence, the formula helps moisturise the eye lid: licorice and sundrops essence enriched formula helps brighten under eye circles and calm over worked eyes.

I think it acts like an eye shadow primer, something like Urban Decay Primer Potion... but I bought this, hoping to compliment beauty maker's aqua concealer, making the latter works better.

from left: color correcting eyelid primer, aqua eye concealer #2, bright eye pressed powder.

Product description for aqua eye concealer (from package):
- Developed specifically for use under the eye area. The ingredients help counteract shadows, reduce redness, hide dark cirlces and other imperfections and give skin a more even tone. Long-lasting coverage builds from moderate to full.

Product description for bright eye pressed powder (from package):
- Bring a touch of glamour to your eyes with this bright eye pressed powder. It contains amino acid powder and other moisturising ingredients to soften the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

As mentioned, the eyelid primer, I just got did not have the chance to use yet..

Well, as for my personal reviews on the concealer, I do find it not bad, at least better than a few concealers like kesalan Patharan Dual light up concealers, bobbi brown concealer, laneige concealers, YSL radiant touche, MAC studio finish, Benefit boi-ing #2, which I have used before. At least it dont cake so badly on me as compared to the mentioned few. However, it did not really cover my dark circles though,... my dark circles too serious that I guess nothing will help.

I follow the instructions on kevin's video, as to dab the concealer from the pan and dab it at the back of my hand, before dabbing it on my undercircles.. it some how wont look so thick.. the texuture is quite creamy so I guess it is one of the reasons why it did not cake alot, coverage wise, i find it so so, maybe i bought the wrong color, if given a chance, I think I will get #1 which is the lightest because #2 seem a little dark.. but than Kevin lao shi got mentioned also cannot use too light color, try to use around our skin tone.. but according to bobbi brown theory, she said better to use concealer that is 1-2 shde lighter than our foundation.. I guess there is no right or wrong theroy when it comes to makeup.. its all about trials and errors before we end up with the right product, right method.... still will continue to find my holy grail concealer(HG).

As for the bright eye pressed powder, I brush some after applying the concealer, on the under eye areas, some times I also will sweep across my fore head and nose bridge... It will not give shimmery or bling bling effect.. just a super subtle bright up effect...NOT very obvious effect i should admit. I dont find it very amazing like what Nu Ren Wo Zui Da celebrities mentioned. I guess it is used to set the concealer, so dont expect too much from this eye pressed powder.

A youtube video showing Kevin lao shi using the color correcting eyelid primer and aqua concealer on a model:

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