Thursday, February 5, 2009

Chay Kuey Teow With Ikan Bilis and Vegetables

This is a nice plate of Chay Kuey Teow I ate at Golden Mile Hawker Centre.. It is fried with less oil, and what made this special from the normal chay kuey teow is the extra toppings of ikan bilis and green vegetables.. It is $3 a plate.. Not bad i find.. but most of the time I go Golden Mile Hawker Centre for its Claypot rice which is quite nice one...

This Chay Kuey Teow is located on the level 2, climb up the middle stairs and turn left. This stall even put LCD TV infront of its stall to tell people that got celebrities go to their stall to eat.. I think its featured in the pai pai zhai show hosted my bryan wong.

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