Thursday, February 5, 2009

Twa Hwa Bar Chor Mee

This is one of the best bar chor mee that many people know.. last time used to be at Marina Square open air food it has moved to crawford lane..still as expensive at $4 min a bowl... I started appreciating bar chor mee ever since the first time i ate at their marina square stall like 8 years ago. Its Twa Hwa Bar Chor mee.. It is nice, but I find it expensive... last time at Marina Square, they charged $4 ( maybe we can understand that the rental was high at Marina Square), but now even when they shifted to this ulu Crawford Lane, behind SIR building, they are still charging $4... but i can say if you mention Twa Hwa bar chor mee to people, confirm people will know...

However, recently years, I find that Twa hwa Bar Chor Mee also got another outlet at Hong Lim Complex.. ( later I realised its manned by the brother's son) sort of family business, so no wonder the Bar Chor Mee at Hong Lim Complex is comparable or to me better than the Crawford Lane's one. The stall at Hong LIm Complex is located opposite the Outram Chay Kuey Teow's stall. and its called Hill Street Bar Chor Mee.. and it has got more ingredients and its only at $3... I highly recommend Hill Street Bar Chor Mee at Hong Lim Complex.... Another food when I am eating can make me feel in heaven....haha

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