Thursday, February 5, 2009

Mr Teh Tarik's Teh Tarik

I am a Tea lover.. and this is one of my favourite teh tarik..thick, rich, full of flavour, gao gao... and for such a big cup, its less than $1.60. ( I cannot remember the exact price) they sell many many different types of drinks.. their ice teh limau also not bad..

So far their ice teh tarik never disappoint can quench thirst and recharge my system, especially during afternoon time when my body is going to be in sleeping mode.There should be a few outlets in Singapore, and my very first encounter was opp China Square food stall... Always will bring a big cup back to work after lunch.. and I saw this Mr teh Tarik stall near tampines Central library - at a coffeshop along blk 505... in an indian coffeeshop... nice nice!!! Can send me to heaven after drinking ! haha.. a yummy perk me up drink

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