Saturday, February 7, 2009

Interesting Object Found At Home

I found an interesting object at home..

this is the object:

At first I thought it was some spare part of a bigger object... or was it a paper weight, how come there is a hole at the bottom???
haha, its look quite like an useless object isnt???
Guess what is this???

Actually I really thought it was an useless object but its on my computer desk which I see everyday... until one day, I decided to ask my brother what is the item..then he took the object and did something to it and within seconds, returned me with this:................

da da... its a corkscrew ( a tool used for pulling the corks out of wine/champagne bottles) .... the metal tip was very sharp, so they design it in such a way that we can cap the metal part... such a thoughful design ('',)

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