Thursday, February 5, 2009

Hand-Made Mee Hoon Kuey

Recently, my dear bought me to eat a hand made mee hoon dry one somemore...

It is super rare to spot hand made mee hoon kuey at coffee shops.. ( those dough with irregular shapes, and irregular thickness) Recently I found 1.. I tried the dry version one since its like quite interesting:

I did not know that its chilli is so spicy that I think my lips abit red after eating.. I finished the whole plate of mee hoon kuey... Although I cannot say it can send me to heaven feeling, its quite nice, something like home cooked mee hoon kuey.. this dry plate of mee hoon kuey comes with a bowl of soup which is a little bland...( meaning no added MSG?)

2 week ago, I tried to go there to eat again around 3pm and the mee hoon kuey already sold out, so i think have to go early ....

It is located at this coffee..the stall is called sheng wang ( if I remember correctly)

The coffeshop is located at Blk 440, Pasir Ris Drive 6.

I am going to try its soup version next....

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