Thursday, February 5, 2009

Nice Fried Rice

I brought my friend to eat this nice fried rice at People Park Complex food court.. this stall only sell 1 item which is fried rice and 3 others complement ingredients (optional) - fried eggs, ikan billis and xia mi ( sambal prawn) .. and the funny thing is they only operate for about 2.5hours daily from monday to friday.. from 11.30pm - 2pm..

The price has increased.. last time only $3 per plate, now become $3.50 ( haha, everything also increased prices these days) .. but this is certainly worth the money.. the ingredients are fresh with prawns, eggs, char siew, spring onion, and rice.. that is all... but the end result - a plate of tasty fried rice which is not oily, .. the accompanying sambal chilli is good too.. add more punch to the tasty fried rice.. its quite hot for me, so normally i dont finish the chilli.. if i finish the chilli, think i will end up in tears..

luckily my friend find the fried rice not bad.. she managed to finish all the given chilli.. and ended up finishing her can of green tea, whihc normally she couldnt finish all her drink ..

this fried rice is worth trying .. but do take note of the operating hours and location..

Ok, from Chinatown Mrt, can exit C, go up the escalator and turn to the left building which is people park complex ( right to you will be OG) .. then when you walk in the entrance, go up the escalator to the 2nd floor, and keep to your right and walk all the way straight in, until you see a small food court ( which only got around 5 stalls in it) Its quite near to the place where they sell 4D..

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