Monday, March 9, 2009

i Nuovi Sale

Sometimes last week, I received news from cozycot that there will be i Nuovi staff and friends day - all products at 40% off.. Quite a good offer.. and what attracted me was this:

this deluxe brush set at only $30 ( usual price is $100)

Well, i made a trip to the shop and tested out the brush set, but the brushes were not as good as what I had expected.. so in the end I did not buy, even though it was 70% off.. I thought the loose powder bristles was quite scratchy and that blusher brush's head seem too small.. the 2 eye shadow brushes seem idential.. but the 6 brushes were housed inside a very small pouch though...
And in the end, bought its brush cleaner because got cotter mentioned its same amount as my MAC cleanser.. but when I reached home, I realised my mac brush cleanser was 235ml, whereas this was only 120ml.. haha, luckily I got 40% and paid $10.20 for it ( usual price - $17)

And I think one of the plus point is it comes in a spray bottle, easier to use, I dont have to pour into another separate spray bottle when I want to use.

this is the descriptions:

• Gentle cleansing action
• Alcohol-free, soap- free
• With Aloe, Chamomile, Mint and Orange
• With moisturising active ingredients

shall try it soon.. and hope it will work in cleaning my brushes..

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