Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Interesting Tea leaves

I finished drinking all my packet green tea.. and so opened up a tin of tea leaves which was given to us by pharaphan's mother. Although she is a Thai who lives in Thailand, she gave us a tin of Chinese tea leaves..

( this is the tin of Chinese Yunnan Tea)

When I open the cover, I was surprised to see the shape of the tea leaves in coil forms.. ( haha, this is my first time drinking tea leaves in such a shape)

They actually will curl out after immersing in hot water.
The first taste is alittle bitter, but its quite smooth ..the after taste is refreshing...
Do all Yun Nan Tea leaves look in this shape? Or Yun Nan Famous tea will look in this shape ( Ans: I really dont know, I never been to Yunnan China ..haha..)

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