Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Review: L'oreal Skin Refiner Pore Minimising Self-Heating Mask

I just used up my last tube of L'oreal Skin Refiner Pore Minimising Self-Heating Mask.

Product: L'oreal Skin Refiner Pore Minimising Self-Heating Mask

Price: I cannot remember the exact price which I bought, I bought a box, and they were around 5-6 tubes in a box.

Texture: Creamy light blue mask, not very thick, abit on the watery side.

Application: I find it a hassle to apply because after I twisted opened, I had to use the whole tube ( it is meant to be used whole dose per application) .. Its a 10ml amount so covering my whole face with 10ml quite difficult.. some of the mask tend to drip.. haiz.. anyway, I did manage to apply on my whole face, then I massage my face to activate the self-heating power. Then after 30 seconds, I rinse off with cold water..

Result: By right, as stated on the back of the tube, it says: "Rinse off abundantly with cool water to reveal an ultra smooth skin and visibly minimised pores".. haha..but I dont experience this ultra smooth skin, instead I think I have 3 red pumps appearing.. I had applied pimple cream onto my red bumps, hopefully they will subside in a few hours time.

Conclusion: I dont really like this mask, its too troublesome to use..

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