Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Next Small Thing By Kotex

I tried this product that was given out to me along Orchard Road a couple of weeks ago..
When I opened the box, I saw many colours...

*Like rainbox in a box*

Here are my humble reviews:

Product: The Next Small Thing Tampons by Kotex (Super Tampons)

Price: I saw in Guardian that they were selling 2 boxes for $5.40..which mean 16 pieces for $5.40.

Packaging: Ok, I must admit that they are indeed colorful packaging. This small box that I received is the actual retail size.. the tampons are quite small, compared to Tampax Pearl I have been using all these years

Application: Oppss.. It was a total disaster.. I gave up after trying for a while.. I just dont know how to use this thing!! It just dont work for me.. In fact, I find it similar to O.B tampons which also made me give up after first try..

Conclusion: I just dont know how to use tampons without applicators... Although its colorful, its cute, its cheaper,its compact, its has got a nice packaging.. its just did not work out for me... :(


GetawayJunkie from CC said...

Er, I prefer white colour than multi colour... dunno why kind of dye they use in the tampons. I won't dare to use...

Sharon said...

Hi GetawayJunkie, nice seeing you here..

Actually the tampons are white in color.. just that they use multi coloured wrappers making it more colorful on the appearance.