Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Review: L'oreal Hot Straight Thermo-Straightening Spray

I won this in a Cozycot/L'oreal contest.. and I had used it for a few months. Last time I was using L'oreal Hot Straight Straightening cream (they are from the same range Studio Straight).. so I was quite familiar how it works.. except that this is in spray form...instead of using my hands to apply the cream onto my hair, I just merely spray the product onto my hair a few times, before combing through my hair for even distribution.

Price: I think it should be abit more expensive than its straightening cream, because its a newer product.

Texture & Smell: the content is in liquid form (milky water liquid).. Smell wise, I find the straightening cream smells nicer.

Application: Shake the bottle before use. Just spray a few times from a distance. Then just comb through the hair to ensure product is well distributed throughout the hair.

Effect: hair is protected from damage caused by hair dryers/straighteners.

What is the difference between the cream & the spray: Personally I find that the main difference is the application method. I find the spray is more convenient to use as compared to its straightening cream. Plus I dont have to wash my wash to remove the cream. Although the cream may smell nicer, I dont smell the product everytime I use though..

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