Sunday, April 5, 2009

Pedicure at Color Zone Junction 8

I was still asleep when my handphone rang this afternoon.. I got a call from ling at 3.35pm and we were supposed to go to pedicure at 4pm.. oh gosh, I was so tired that last night I did not set alarm clock before going to sleep at around 1am.. although Ling was at Sembawang, she said she will come and pick me go Bishan... So Paisei that she has to drive from Sembawang to my place before making our way to Bishan.

Ling treated me to one session of pedicure as my last year birthday/christmas present..she has got a package at Color Zone Junction 8 so invited me to do pedicure with her..she was telling that got massage chair there, although she did told me she bought the package out of sympathy for the girl who served her during her first visit.

They really do before the start of the session, ask us want to do honey milk treatment which cost $6 and explained that it will soften our cuticles etc..and even asked us to do Spa pedicure which include a mask.. Aiyo lor, i saw the customer next to me who did the mask, and its quite boliao that the mask only applied on the upper part (instep)of her feet.. its some sort like our face mask which the China manicurist said will help in whitening.. But I dont want lah..The massage also anyhow one, think about 20 seconds only. The massaging chair only lasted 15mins then have to start the program again.

Then half way, ling's manicurist asked if she wanted to add $3 to do the scrub..Wow piangz, even have to pay money for the scrub, i thought it will be free... but she agreed...and in the end, our pedicure came up to $45 - $36 for the pedicure, $6 for the honey milk treatment, $3 for the scrub.

I dont think its worth it expensive.. The outlook of the shop is ok .. but inside was really plain as compared to the nice and cozy Qian Zu Ge that I last went.

And to add, No OPI polishes are available. Only Orly, Misa an China Glaze. and the first few colours I wanted dont have.

This is the color I chose..( haha, pretty much the same as the one I chose at Qian Zu Ge)

My toes nails are too short.. because I cut them short just last week.. think have to be longer than do pedicure nicer.

I told ling not to renew her package after her last session finish because not worth for the price and service. ( they got hard sell lor and ask customers to buy this and that)Think elsewhere can get full pedicure and full manicure at less than $40. Recommended her go Qian Zu Ge instead. haha

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