Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Review: L'oreal Studio Line Hot Straight Straightening Cream

This is one of the products that I used quite frequently in the past until the new version of L'oreal Hot Straight thermo-straightening spray was launched in the market. In fact, I think I had used up 2 bottles. I blow dry my hair everyday and normally I will apply this straightening cream before I blow dry my hair, helping to protect my hair from the heat of the hair dryers. It smell nice, light and most importantly, non-greasy feel.. Most of the times, I also will apply this cream before using the hair straightener on my hair.. this is a cheap yet good product. Worth buying!

Price: Around SG$7

Texture & Smell: creamy white cream, it smell nice, light and non-greasy feel.

Application: Squeeze some out from the bottle and spread onto my palm before applying onto my hair

Effect: hair is protected from damage caused by hair dryers/straighteners

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