Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Madam Saigon & TCC

12th July - I went to Bugis to celebrate Huizhen and Ah Guan 's birthday. Initially we had wanted to go to the Turkish restaurant at Shaw Towers but it was closed, so my friends decided to have Vietnamese food at madam Saigon along Liang Street Street.. My first time eating at Madam Saigon.. I would not say the good is any fantastic, just quite average for me.. what disappoint me was the Vietnamese flat white noodles, because they served us normal local thin kuay teow.. !! plus the manager or the boss's service was kind of bad.. When he served us our main courses, one of my friends asked the manager or the boss to take the empty appetizer plate away, and he immediately told my friend, he only got 2 hands!! (why cant he politely say ok, wait a minute!, instead of saying he got 2 hands) .. and he even asked me not to take any photographs half way through.. ( Maybe he don't want me to publish photos to say how bad the food was or he thought I am a spy!!!)

Here are some pictures I managed to snap (before the manager asked me not to take any photograph):

This combination platter ( for 5-6 pax) cost $29.90

This is the beef balls and sliced beef noodles I shared with Ashley...

Vietnam prawn noodles, dry type..

As it was afternoon, most of us were quite full and so did not order alot, in fact most of us shared our main dishes (the noodles).. there were 10 of us and the bill was around $120, no credit card discount or whatever..

Verdict: I find the food just average, nothing special.. plus the service of the boss or manager is quite bad( like ya ya papaya) .. I will not revisit again! ( I have tried nicer Vietnam food before)..

  • If the food is just average, with bad service, I will not revisit, plus help to spread the bad words to my friends. ( for example, Madam Saigon at liang Seah Street)
  • If the food is very bad, very worst, ( even with great service), I will also not revisit, plus help to spread the bad words around to my friends so that they wont waste money to eat awful food)
  • if the food is nice, with great service, I will definitely revisit and recommend my friends there. ( such as With A Pinch of Salt)
  • However, if the food is super nice, make me to heaven type, even with bad service, I will confirm revisit and I will spread the good words to my friends ( but will warn them about the bad service in advance) ..One such example is The Yong Tau Foo at Ang Mo Kio Central Hawker Centre.

After our meal at Madam Saigon, we crossed over to the dessert shop and have some desserts and ate the durian birthday cake bought from Angie the Choice...before george, shuyun, yuhui, mike and ah guan left..

So left with Chandy, Sulynn, Huizhen, Ashley and me and we went over to Bugis Village to walk walk, then went to TCC to have drinks and eat again.. the 5 of us shared these 2 dishes.. Yummy! ( cant remember the names, the 1st one is Lasagne)..both these 2 dishes were on the same page of the menu, $16 and $16.50 each.

Happy birthday to Ah Guan and Huizhen.. Hope you 2 have a wonderful time!

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