Tuesday, July 28, 2009

24th July 2009 - A Night At Dempsey Hill

Friday night, we had a gathering at Dempsey Hill at House.. just the 7 of us.. Huizhen, Keith, Ashley, Mike, Sulynn, Ah Guan and me..

I missed the 8.10pm shuttle bus so I reached a bit late as I took the 9.10pm bus.. By the time I reached they had already started to eat..so I got no chance to take a picture of the food.. haha, but they saved a portion of the food they ordered for me ( got black sotong, black glutinous rice with dont know what, skinny pizza which dont know topped with funny leaves) .. but I find them not to my liking... ( taste like Indian food to me) I guess people go to House for its ambience and their exotic food.. can you imagine they even served Chilli ice cream and mushroom flavoured ice cream??

half way they ordered this cheese platter.. ( And what I like about this platter is actaully the strawberries and the plain biscuits.. the cheese not to my liking)

And the nicest food I ate that night at House was this strawberry cake...It is served warm and overall with the sauce it was really nice... !! ( haha, but this small slice of cake cost $9.50 before all the taxes)

The restaurant's concept pretty interesting ( exotic food) and even their menu also something different.. like newspapers style..

Food wise, it does not suit my taste buds.. but the red wine, strawberry cake is not bad.. ( The ambience is quite nice and cozy).. The food is on the pricey side.. At least $40-$50 per person.. luckily we got some discounts ...

Next we proceed to Ben & Jerry's For some ice cream.. because Ah Guan told us Ben & Jerry sell a scoop of ice cream for $10 and all of us dont believed.. so went to check.. and in the end, its true that Ben & Jerry's indeed served a single scoop for $10.. ( we did not ordered that .. but had these nice waffles and brownies topped with ice-cream)

We left dempsey hill around 12.15am and Mike, Sulynn, Keith and Huizhen came to my place to play mahjong until 6am! And I lost $7 .. haha.. what a long day!

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