Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Free Samples At Cozycot

Just realise that there is a new sampling platform at Cozycot, in which we use our points to redeem for samples.. At first I thought they are other the reward page, but now it look like a separate page from the reward page, as in we can only use our points to redeem for a single product, I wonder if I can use my points to redeem for multiple pieces of the same product.. Spotted one product which I have been using for many years.. Kose White Mask.. and it will cost 20 points to redeem for a 10ml sachet.. Can I use 100 points to redeem for 5 sachets??

Join Cozycot today if you are interested to get free samples..

Direct link to Cozycot Sampling Page:
** Got to collect the samples at cozycot office though.

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