Friday, July 31, 2009

Astronaut Ice Cream

Today is my first time coming across Astronaunt ice cream.. I was watching the funny video clips made by the famous blogger, Xiaxue.. and realised that such an interesting ice cream exist.. watch her clip here:

Description of the ice cream:
The NEW Astronaut Ice Cream is a Neapolitan bar of Strawberry, Vanilla and chocolate freeze dried ice cream. Loved by children and adults, you receive delicious ready-to-eat freeze-dried bars. The shelf life is 2 years, so there is no worry about it expiration.

Anyone of you tried before? ..

Besides Science Centre, any other place sell this astronaut ice-cream, I would want to try one myself and see how it taste like... ('',)


tiggercheeze said...

u can find it here:

i always wanna try it. but never get it going. haha~ so do post reviews if u do try =P

Sharon said...

Hi tiggercheeze,

haha.let me see if my friend can find this astronaut ice cream at Science Centre today... then I will get to try soon.. hopefully its not too expensive, if its $10 a pack, think I wont buy to try...

I will definitely take pictures and review after I tried it('',)

Anonymous said...

Hey i am suuper boy

Sharon said...

Hi Suuper boy,

Have you tried the astronaut ice cream?


Anonymous said...

I bought it at the csi exhibition. Around 3-4 bucks. Tasted terrible. It is like melted ice cream condensed into a cube at room temperature.

Sharon said...

Hi there,

thanks for sharing with us your experience on this astronaut ice-cream.. I have not tried it till date..

haha, from the way you described it, it seem quite awful.. melted ice-cream condensed into cube at room temperature.. I can imagine something like a biscuit that taste like ice-cream?

Think let indulge in real ice cream.. definitely will taste better.. think those ice cream street sellers along Orchard Road will sell nicer ice-cream, the $1 block ice cream that come with 2 wafer biscuits...