Friday, July 31, 2009

Zample For Men

Guy friends, check out this freebies website catered just for you..

Here is the link

3 day trial pack for MENTHOLATUM FOR MEN CHARCOAL FACEWASH will be available from 3rd Aug 2009 onwards... look like there will be other freebies coming along your way...


Anonymous said...

Woah!! Thanks! I find your blog very informative Keep up the good work!

And thanks for this tips on the ZAMPLEMAN.

Sharon said...


Thanks for finding my blog informative..Hope you are able to redeem nice samples from zampleman.

Alternatively, you may wish to sign up free for fr3b membership.( another website where you can grab free samples such as skincare, hair dye, contact len solution, toothpaste, shampoo etc..

Once again, thanks for your support!


Juan P said...

I got my samples.. oops zamples from ZAMPLEMAN already!! Very worth it since its fully sponsored and also they got a contest for national day. Thanks.

Emm... the fr3b membership looks kindda complicated, so I will give it a miss. And I heard review aint too good from a friend. They charge very expensive right according to flowerpod?

*Weekend is here.. finally!