Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Goodies From Cozycot!

It has been quite some time since I visited Cozycot office.. I always love going to Cozycot Office.. because everytime I go, I will be in for a treat.. because there are only 2 reasons to allow me to go to the Cozycot office...

1) To attend events/workshops
2) To collect samples/ prizes

And today I went to collect both my prize and samples.. A full size Latest Liese hair dye which retail at $19.90 ( Thank you kao for being so generous to us) I chose this color because of the name.. Marshmallow Brown.. I was eating Marshmallow the day I joined the contest.. so I thought the color sounds yummy and sweet... haha..but hor in real fact, Marshmallow brown look really nice.. There are others nice colors to choose.

Also use my points to redeem for 3 other samples.. This is my first time using my Cozycot points to redeem for samples using Cozycot points... I had used the pantene hair treatment before and like it so when I saw it available on Cozycot sample page, I redeemed it straight away.. And for the kose white mask, I had been using for years.. so since it cost only 20 points, I also redeem it... My full size tube contains 75ml, and this tube of kose wite mask sample contains 10ml.. quite a big sample though...

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