Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Swatches For BRTC Jasmine Water, Dr G Brightening Balm, Elisha Coy Always Nuddy BB24

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I got all the above bb cream samples including the 15ml deluxe size from fr3b free... but so far I have tried Dr.G brightening balm, BRTC Jasmine Water, and Elisha Coy Always Nuddy BB24.. So I thought of doing swatches to share.. ( I had tried a couples of bb creams in the past.. but normally they are too dark for me) .. I am MAC C3 studio fix user, and C3 match my yellow skin perfectly.. Although Revlon Colorstay Sand beige is quite dark, but since I use only a pea size on my whole face, the overall effect is still not too dark..

I think BRTC Jasmine water color is so far the better match for my skin tone.. Because its not too light or too dark.. its quite sheer, and oil control is pretty good.. I have heard quite good raves on BRTC Jasmine Water BB creams but only tried it the past 2 days..

On the other hand, Dr Gowoongsesang brightening balm SPF30PA is also another highly raved bb cream in the market, but too me, I personally find the color too dark for me.. I tried once, and a few hours later, my face like become darker or I should say greyish.. ( maybe I have to apply a white loose powder to neutralise the effect of the greyish tone of Dr G BB cream.. ( I dont consider myself to be very fair, neither I am very tan..but Dr G brightening balm appear quite dark on me, think when you see the swatches below, you will understand why I said its quite dark)

Swatches ( upon application)

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Swatches ( After blending in the BB cream)

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Well, I have yet to open up my other bb cream, so I cannot do swatches for the rest BRTC and Rojukiss bb cream .. but I think finding a bb cream that we like is quite hard, especially when it comes to finding one that matches our skin tone.. as we know like almost all the bb creams like come in only one shade, unlike liquid foundation with a range of shades..

A full size bb cream is not cheap, so my advice is to try out bb cream samples on your face to see if it matches your skin tone, and how bad it oxidize on your skin.. And the good news is we can get free bb samples from well known brands such as BRTC, Dr Gowoonsesang, Elisha Coy, Dr Jart, Lioele and Rojukiss from fr3b website to try for free, just pay a little $2-$3 for postage for 8 sachets of bb creams samples.. Alternatively, you may wish to consider to join fr3b special $28 membership which entitle you to a $50 goodie bag, a $160 spa voucher and 1 whole year of grabbing free samples from their concept store at Stamford House. ( which mean you can get free samples whole year round just by paying $28, and some of the items are full besides getting 20 over sachets of bb creams from the various well known brands - BRTC, Dr Gowoonsesang, Elisha Coy, Dr Jart, Lioele and Rojukiss, you can look forward to a whole range of free samples from haircare, skincare, cosmetics, potato chips, sweets, sanitary pads, tampons, toothpaste, mouthrinse, perfume vials and many more..)

Dont be like me last time spent $3 to get a pack of bb cream sachet to try.. now we can just get all the well known brands bb cream samples to try for free from fr3b. Enjoy grabbing those lovely bb creams from fr3b website,and have those samples delivered to your letter box in just 2 days or join their special $28 membership and you can go into the concept store and start grabbing free samples in a shop that wont charge you a cent for shopping for samples..

Concept Store pictures:

For more details on my experiences of fr3b, and the over 60++ samples that I have grabbed, you can view this link:

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Shopping paradise... said...

how come fr3b provide such big size sample tube? thought most bb cream is packed in sachets?

Sharon said...

Hi Shopping paradise,

Some times fr3b do have deluxe size bb cream for grab.. Dr G 15ml and a Lioele water drop also quite big size.. ( got to grab for these 2 as the stocks run out very fast)..Then I remember after the stocks for Dr.G 15ml ran out, they replenish with Dr G in 5ml ( the ones that can hang on handphone).. so it really depend on stock availability. And to know if its a deluxe size or sachet that you are grabbing, there will be indication on the page.

As for the lioele bb cream and Elisha Coy Always Nuddy deluxe size, they were given to me in my goodie bag when I joined their $28 member.Think the Lioele bb cream is selling at $8 at John Little for this size.

Hope it helps.