Friday, August 28, 2009

Win $150 Bella Skincare Voucher Or $100 Svenson Voucher

Just saw this contest at Cozycot.. wow piangz, dont really know how to play such game.. something like using the left, right and down buttons to hit when the object(s) hit the line.. ( gosh, my coordination skills sucks!) .. I remember in the arcade there is this game machine with big pop up semi circles yellow, red and green buttons, then one of the game is like making burger, I am always the first to game over.. hehe..

think can win $150 bella skincare voucher or $100 Svenson hair & scalp voucher if you are the every 10th lucky winner to play the game...

Enjoy the game!! happy clicking left, right and down buttons... ('',)

** I got 250 points and game over, it stated I did not groove hard enough to help them.. haha, so how many points must I get then consider groove hard enough.. LOL... ( I wonder if get high score or be the every 10th lucky winner then can win the voucher..) .. or both? .. ('',)


Tiphanie said...

hehe! i have actually passed the game and received a call from them. they never rmentioned if i have won anything or not, just ask me to go down to their outlet for free consulation! -.-

i have a feeling they are trying to hardsell, because the lady on the phone seemed to be very pushy in asking me to make the soonest day for the appointment.

i was a little upset when she suggested the dates to me. i thought i am supposed to be the one mentioning which day i want? she called me on thursday, asked me to go on friday. i said i couldn't make it. she then asked if i preferred weekdays after work, and before i could answer, she suggested sunday. -.-

i said i no and before i could tell her my available day instead of her bombing me with so many days, she asked me monday! *furious*

again i said no, i told her wed and that's it. she asked to confirm i can only make it wed, i said yes and finally she booked my appointment. and now i am thinking if i should go or not.

Sharon said...


It seem to me like they are really trying to push you to go down and then hardsell..

but if you were to go down, think you got to mentally prepared yourself that they will hardsell, but you got to be determined and dont let them convince you or force you to sign their packages.

hope its not some Meng Har or Citispa..

Tiphanie said...

yalor, i also feel they are trying to push me to go down... i have made appointment on wed, still deciding to go or not though...