Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Creating Double Eyelid Effect Using 3M Tape

Although my skill is not good, I think the double eyelid tape did make my hidden eyelid became double eyelid effect...

Actually 3M tape is quite useful if we can manage to cut the eyelid shapes properly.. but I always spend alot of time cutting evenly as it is hard to cut out two identical shapes from the tape... but one good thing about 3M tape it is cheap and it has a translucent clear texture, without any holes making it not so obvious. (More natural looking I should say!)

 I bought this 3M tape with holder around $3.50 at one of the beauty toiletries shops at Ang Mo Kio ( saw them at Toa Payoh too) ... normally I will replenish my 3M beauty tape at Guardian, and they cost less than $3 per roll, without the holder. With the holder, I don't have to worry that the rims will get stick with dirt and dust. ( But can also keep inside a small ziplock bag if you do not have the holder.)

3M Blenderm beauty tape is definitely one of my favourite double eyelid stickers!

Update 29 Aug 2011: Picture taken at Guardian Store [3M Tapes sold at Guardian are the same as the ones sold at SASA, just that they do not come with the packaging (boxes)]

Next time I will take pictures of the after effect of using pre-cut double eyelid tapes.


Passion Poise said...

Hi Sharon,

I came across your post on CozyCot forum regarding the double eyelid tape. It would be nice if you could tell me where you got them cos i've been trying to find them very long and mine is 30 pairs for 1.90. I saw the ones that you bought is 240 pairs for only 2.90! I felt so cheated :( Was wondering where you got them? Hope you can let me know, i'd really appreciate it :)

Sharon said...

Hi Passion Poise

I bought mine at Toa Payoh Central.. there are 3 beauty toiletries shops together at one of the stretch of shops, further down from bengawasolo shop..

I cannot remember exactly which shops, but its one of the 3 shops.

Actually not that you are cheated because they are different brands and different quality, and different shapes as well. But 1 thing about this 240 pairs for $2.90, is the stickers also got some dots on them..its not translucent as the 3M tapes though.

Hope it helps.


Trevor said...

Hi Sharon, I know this post is way overdue but I'm pretty dependent on the 3M tapes and only swear by this product. Used to get it from SASA, except that they no longer stock it now. Does the toa payoh location still run stocks for these tapes? Or maybe elsewhere which you may suggest? I'd be reall grateful.. thanks.

Sharon said...

hi trevor

Ya I got to agreed with you that 3M tapes are good!

Actually u don't have to buy from SASA, coz they are easily available at all Guardian stores islanwide (I seldom see at Watsons though) You can get individual 3M tape rolls at $2++ from Guardian, normally they are placed together with the plasters, tapes shelf.

SaSa sell with the plastic case, tape roll in a box, guardian just sell the tape roll itself much cheaper(",)

Hope this info is helpful to u...


Trevor said...

Except that the ones at SASA reads Nexcare - Blenderm and specifically states it's an eye product, haha. I'm sure you know what I'm driving at. You're saying there are similar unpackaged tapes from 3M sold at Guardian? My concern is only that eye products tend to meet more stringent requirements, in this case they're hypoallergenic - won't cause irritation, for me at least. :) but hey, your suggestion sounds great, coming from someone with expertise in beauty products. I'll go hunt it down in a Guardian soon. Thanks!

Sharon said...

Hi Trevor,

Ya, I understand your concerns because since the tape is be used on the eyelids.

I can say that they are the same thing, because I compared both the tapes bought from SASA and Guardian before, since I used quite a few rolls in the past.. and know where to get them. In fact, my first few 3M tape rolls were bought from Guardian before I bought this one from beauty pink/sasa because I wanted the plastic case that came with the tape. If you have been using it, you would have realised that the rims will get dirty easily if its not kept in a plastic bag/case. Ya, I paid $1+ just for the customised plastic case that will fit the 3M tape roll perfectly..

Do not throw your current Nexcare Blenderm beauty tape roll away after you have used it, because once you get hold of the 3M tape sold at Guardian, and compare between the 2.. you would also realise they are really the same thing, just that the tapes sold at Guardian come without the box. (or you can bring your current blenderm tape into Guardian to compare before your purchase)

By the way, the 3M tape that is sold at Guardian also state Blenderm.

I had snapped a picture of the 3M tapes while I was at Guardian recently, you can have a look.. they look the same as your Nexcare 3M tape right? Nexcare = 3M.

If 3M did not come come with this Nexcare Beauty Tape packaging, people wont even think of the tape that is sold under the first aid/plaster section as a double eyelid tape right? it is just part of marketing.

Hope the info helps.

Trevor said...

Hey Sharon, thanks for sharing so much, what you have penned thus far really helped! I've come to the same conclusions after comparing the tapes. The defining factor is the "blenderm" print within the spool. It's a relief now that I've found an almost "lifelong" supply of this product. Haha. Thanks for your explanations and all, and for not discriminating (maybe you felt weird but were simply to polite to say, haha) against a guy with eyelid stickers, lol. Anyway, I neede it to prop myone other eye up that's all. Hate the asymmetry. Thanks again. *cheers*

Sharon said...

Hi Trevor,

You are most welcomed. I have been using 3M Blenderm tape for years, so I am able to share with you on what I know about this beauty tape.

Oh. so you are using it, impressive, cause not many people know that this 3M blenderm tape can be used as double eyelid tape as well.. At first, I thought you are a makeup artist looking for the tape to use on clients..

You have certainly made the right choice on using this tape, because this tape is almost invisible when pasted on our eyelids.. but the only con about this product, is the hassle of cutting out symmetrical shapes for both my eyelids, but I think you wont face this problem since you only need to cut out a piece.

I am sure you are now happy that you are able to buy this tape everywhere at Guardian.. and never have problem finding it again.

* But heard if you paste this tape for long, the crease may be formed permamently..

Thanks again for commenting on this little blog of mine.

Cheers! ('',)