Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Mini Review for Liese Bubble Hair Color (Glossy Brown)

My brother just dyed his hair using Liese Bubble hair color in Glossy Brown.. well, his hair is so short, so I used the remaining bottle since my hair so fine and little...

Actually I was quite skeptical to use this hair dye after seeing fellow cotters having quite obvious change in the hair color after using the product, plus Tiphanie said she now like top look brighter than bottom.. Gosh... Scared scared right!!!

I did follow the instructions, I left it for around 20mins...( I also don't dare to put too long, because I afraid the color change too drastic and uneven.. Fearing that there may be patches of uneven color, I did a stupid thing, after massaging the hair color wearing gloves.. I removed them and use my bare hands and comb to brush through my hair length.. I just so afraid of patchiness... ( I was thinking since the product already touching my scalp, it should be safe on bare hands for less than 4 minutes) .. can someone enlighten me on the dangers of using bare hands to touch this DIY hair dye???

Product: Liese Bubble Hair Color ( Glossy Brown)

Price: $19.90 ( Mine is complimentary)

Smell: At first when my brother was using, I cannot smell anything..but when its mine turn to use, there is this strong ammonia smell, really strong..

Ease of Use: We were trying to pump the bottle to get the foam out ..but nothing came out.. but later we figured out we need to squeeze the bottle and the foam will be pumped out... then we just apply onto our hair like the way we shampoo... ( thinking that it wont drip, I actually did it wearing my t-shirt and walking around and sitting down to watch TV with my bubble hair dye on my hair...) its not drip proof.. I stained my clothes a little.. ( should have done it before my bath, and not after.. and I should have done it in the bathroom)

Time: It stated 20-30 minutes for hair and I left it on for 20mins.. I don't dare to put longer time.. because I really kiasi... ( my brother put it on for more than 30mins before watching off, his color is more obvious than mine)

After Effect: Not really drastically difference.. but I can see my hair being a lighter shade of brown.. Look like the top part is still brighter than the bottom despite me starting from the bottom.. but as I was wearing shirt, the moment I put on the ends, I push my hair up... )

Conclusion: I think have to be careful when using this product, do it in the bathroom before taking a shower, so that wont be like me, stained my clothes.. Be warned of the strong ammonia smell though... I think to play safe, got to brush through the product after using so that there wont be patchiness... My hair still the same, did not become drier, so this product wont dry our hair... I think this product should be quite good if its able to dye our hair evenly from top to bottom... ( but I think for the kiasi me, Loreal Casting Creme Gloss Hair dye without ammonia maybe a better choice, since the color fades off in 48 washes) .. but heard Liese Bubble hair color will make our hair getting lighter as we wash our hair everyday..

My mum just commented that there is not much difference in my hair color.. ( so I think for my case, the hair dye color not that drastic change on me)


sunkisstiffy said...

your colour doesn't seem to be very obvious.. mien is obvious right...? please do not shout or got frightened when you see mine this friday... veyr jiak lak lor... then my curls are getting hay wire recently... most probably i am going to rebond my hair soon.. think the colour is suitable for straight hair.. -.-

Sharon said...

Of course I wont shout or got frightened leh.. I want to see if your actual hair got color change a not?

You going to rebond your hair??haha like long time never see you in straight hair le.. think straight hair easier to maintain compared to curly hairs, got to apply those sculpting lotion stuff...

Ya, mine not obvious as compared to yours and fellow cotters.. maybe I only left on for 20minutes.. think my brother more obvious as he left on for more than 30mins..

My mum said she cannot see any difference.. Friday you see mine and see if you can see I done color..('',)

sunkisstiffy said...

okok, i shall see if your hair got any colour.. my hair top is very jiak lak lor.. you see liao please advise me if i should go to salon to dye another colour to cover up my current colour... i am so worried i will look kns when the black hair grows back.. that is the reason why i haven't colour my hair for years! the last time i coloured my hair was after poly, i went bleach, gold... lol!! that was a nightmare!

Sharon said...

ya, you mentioned about your gold hair.. but you have not show me picture.. haha..

Well, actually the problem of having obvious hair coloruing is when the hair grow out.. there will be 2 tones.. that is why I dont really do very bright color when I colored my hair at salons.. coz it seem quite troublesome to go for regular touch up..

I will see on Friday if your color is so obvious.. but I guess even grow out also take 1 month..

Anonymous said...

I used the same dye and got a brighter visible result, maybe bcuz i left it for 40 mins XD