Tuesday, September 1, 2009

D' Kranji Farm Resort

26 Aug 2009

We went to celebrate Mike and Yuhui's birthday at D'Kranji Farm Resort.. ( I have never been there lor, Sulynn went to their opening so introduced us there).. A very ulu place lor..

More of a get to together place, because they still got chalets, with individual parking, BBQ, zhi char..

We ate at their Zhi Char called Atlantis Seafood...

These were what we ate.. the food were quite average to me ( only the cereal oat prawns stand out).. its an open air eating place, although there are also a few tables indoor (with air con)

but towards the end, we realise that there were many flies around us.. :(

Bill came up to around $174.

More info on D'Kranji Farm Resort:

Then we went to the next place which is Farmart to continue our birthday celebrations...

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