Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Farmart ( AustWine Wine Bar Cafe) & Gobi

After our dinner at Atlantis Seafood at D'Kranji Farm Resort, Mike suggested a place called farmart ( Ok, another place which I have never been to)

It was around 5-10 minutes drive from D'Kranji Farm Resort to Farmart.. It was also another ulu place in the midst of greenery..

It was around 9pm++ when we reached there, the surroundings were those fish farms, so we were wondering if Farmart was still opened.. ( by the way, Farmart is pretty near to Qian Hu, so can imagine how far it is)

Upon reaching the place, I was amazed.. for that moment, I thought I was in Malaysia, in some sort of their local product store.. but the place was full house, packed with cars... people were indulging in seafood, bbq chicken wings, beer, stingrays etc in the open eating place... ( i was thinking why this ulu place got such good business) ...

But strangely, there is this wine bar cafe called AustWine Wine Bar Cafe just besides this open air eating place.. AustWine Wine Bar Cafe has got indoor and outdoor, and near the entrance, they even wine room filled with different red/white wines, customers can walk in this wine room to choose their wine..

The menu was rather simple, with finger foods, and drinks..We shared the ice cream and finger food.. The finger food came in baskets, and were pretty generous for the price we paid, 3 baskets for $13.95. And all were very hot! and the fries pretty good.

We were given cold water served in recycled wine bottles..

Actually AustWine is quite a nice place to go... it is quite ulu lah, definitely need transport to reach there.. but the food is pretty cheap, no GST, NO service charge.. our bill came up to $29++ for 4 big baskets of finger foods, 1 banana split, 1 bowl of 3 scoop ice creams, and 4 bottles of plain water.. ( for the 9 of us)

Mike had requested that he wanted small cake, so Sulynn and Chandy really bought him small cakes from Gobi at Central... His birthday cake so cute, consider of 12 mini cakes, of course we shared.. each of us like have a mouth of everything.. ( heard from Sulynn that they like only have 12 flavours, so this box like covered all their flavours, they even catered for special occassions such as baby first month etc)

Think Gobi got being featured before on TV.. anyway, out of these 12 mini cakes, what I like was the mini macarons (oppss... haha, although there were 9 of us, I managed to eat 1 of the 4 mini macarons available- in green)- 2nd row, 4th item, actually the 1st row, 3rd item is also a macaron, but it toppled, but the mini macaron tasted better than the big pink macaron.. *strange*

This box of 12 cakes cost around $23++ ( quite a fresh idea for a birthday cake) ..

haha, then they asked me what type of cake I want for my birthday.. I gave them the topic of "interesting cake" haha, mike suggested "small cake" and he got so small cakes.. I wonder what my up-coming birthday cake would be.. they asked me if I want small shou tao or big shou tao ( longevity bun) as my birthday cake.. (haha..)

This is one interesting cake I bought for my mum before... ( a normal tasting cake with a can't bear to eat outlook)

Anyway, happy birthday to Mike and Yuhui... ('',)

** AustWine Wine Bar Cafe is located at:
67 Sungei Tengah Road,
Farmart Centre Unit 42,
Singapore 699008
Tel: 62199897
( Quite near to Tengah Air Base)

** Gobi is located at:
- 350 Joo Chiat Road
- The central #01-27
more info: http://www.gobi.com.sg/

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